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Friday, September 5, 2008

My Choice (as seen in today’s video) - MN89

From Cassie's Myspace Blog:

I have received several confused reviews of the video I posted on the MessyNessy89 account earlier, called "Cassie's Choice".

Allow me to begin by saying that Snow White had no part in the video. What you have mistaken for a silly tale metaphorical of a struggle with a cocaine addiction is in fact, a lovely fairy tale turned into an innocent Disney movie called Sleeping Beauty. (For further information about the Metaphor of Snow White, may I suggest Google? Better yet, use GoodSearch.com. At least your time spent learning useless, trivial information will go to a good cause!)

Furthermore, I must apologize from the bottom of my heart for my deception and betrayal. I would also like to add that I am terribly sorry the writings at its conclusion were disgracefully illegible.

The brief Beatles segment said:
"Not guilty
for leading you astray
on the road to Mandalay.
I won't upset the apple cart.
I only want what I can get.
I'm really sorry that you've been misled.
But like you heard me said:
not guilty."

Followed by my own personal farewell:
"I am so sorry Sister.
Please do not forget that you knew my true heart."

Interpret as you wish. Try to be imaginative. If you can't be, you haven't got a shot in hell at understanding me.

Finally, do know that while Nessy's fate may not be a happy ending, it will be the better of two possibilities. I was chin-deep in a dilemma; I weighed out both pros and cons for Nessy and for me. I chose to pursue the option that I felt would have the best possible outcome for both of us, rather than only one or the other.

Thank you for trying to help my little sister, and me.
You may not have succeeded triumphantly, but you were far more successful than me.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting the blog entry - clears some things up.

    So it seems Tidy Heidi is going to find her eternal song, and maybe get a nice clean white bedsheet to wear.


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