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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Blog Header

I threw together a new LG15 Today Blog header today with the faces of the cast of the Resistance. Love it? Eh? Gouging out your eyes?

The old header can easily be restored or a better looking one installed if any of our community artists want to step up (assume for sake of design that the other blog colors do not change, but anything is possible). I can provide more color info (hex or RGB) if needed. Note: the black title "LG15 Today" floats on top of the .jpg header background image, which has dimensions 724 x 102, although the lower portion of that image drops out of sight (i.e. the bottom is cut off), so the visible height is less than 102.

EDIT: I just checked and the visible portion of the header is 722 x 73 pixels inside the black boundary. The vertical dimension depends on the font size of the title text "LG15 Today" plus a buffer around it, so it's possible (I'm not sure) that this may vary slightly from browser to browser (?) ... anyway, making the header graphic 724 x 102 and planning for the bottom to be cut off makes it work correctly on the blog.

~ QtheC


  1. Personally, I like it! But it does clash with the blue and dark maroon a bit...

  2. Not loving the green... sorry. :/

  3. What's september 20? I thought it was starting the 16th?

  4. It'll be fine until they add more characters. :)

  5. I think it's fine for premiere week but seeing how lg15today has become so much more than lg15 I think the header should reflect that.

  6. After the premier, I like to see it changed to something more reflective of the community stuffs than any one main show.

  7. Tone down the green, reduce the brightness at least.

    Grace it starts on w/c 15th September, the first "episode" is on the 20th.

  8. I do not think it reflects the breadth of coverage for community videos that we support. I do not think that the banner should be dominated by any one series.

  9. Thanks for the comments...

    I'll tweak the cloud color tonight and leave the Resistance cast photos up for premier week (ends the 20th), and then pull them down.

    Sorry Apo, I tried to add a Lucy picture but had trouble matching the other images well enough... here was my attempt:


    As far as the blog goes, of course we support lots of series, but LG15.com is still the 'mother-ship' without which this blog and community would never have come to pass ... let's show her a little love, bumps and all.

  10. Switched to the grey grid. Better?

  11. I like it. It's good to have a header that has something to do with lg15, instead of that sun that was there first.


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