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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Bloody Beach video coming soon!

That's right kiddies, the new video is expected to drop in the next few hours so be ready!!! This week we find out about the killer who destroyed Camp Breezy Beach back in the 80's! Get the campfire ready because this is going to be one scary ghost story!


  1. can you write up a "story so far" and get us all up to speed with where the show is at.

    it would also make to good contribution to LGPedia.

    most pple dont have time to catch up with old episodes ....at least not until you hook them with the current ongoing story line.

  2. Actually, the backstory in the next episode is going to bring everything up to speed. (Hopefully it will be loaded and up by morning.)

    When it's up we'll have a full recap and the "Legend of Breezy Beach" will be covered. Thanx for the feedback!


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