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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PF5: The Meepers

Over the last few weeks, we've been hard at work refreshing the LG15 website, waiting for the latest installment in the LG15 Universe, LG15: The Resistance. The story has already thrilled and confused us on LG15.com and around the web. Who or what is the 436? Why is it disrupting a variety of video serving websites through the known Universe? How is this connected to our browser caches? Where do flash incompatibilities between PCs and Apple computers fit into all this, and can java be trusted? Why is our logo a shade of olive green no one has seen since 1970's tupperware? If Sarah is bored, imagine how we feel. Most importantly, why is Jonas so angry all the time? Come on, he totally dissed Jennie in the series finale, and Jennie is incredibly hot, and now we know Sarah was the real plantcake. Will she rejoin the fight? And what the heck was in that tell-tale heart box Spencer and Taylor had in the life raft? Will Jessica Rose ever appear in something not involving a Sorority?

PF5: The Meepers explores the continuing adventure of LG15 viewers as they rapidly refresh the comments page over and over, in the vain hope that today will be a two video day, juggle for world peace, try to avoid falling into any plotholes, update the LGPedia, visit chat, the forums, InsideLG15, Anchor Cove, and LG15 Today, all while fighting against trolls and the mysteries of Crowley's weird taste in old furniture that may pose an even greater threat...



Also featured on InsideLG15



  2. Awesome work putting this together Q! These are the types of community videos I just love seeing!

  3. Am I really sick and drugged up or did that video say I was the leader?

  4. It's mostly an honorary title... ;)

  5. OK, as long as I don't have to approve time cards or do quarterly performance reviews on everyone. I hate my job.

    Great video.

  6. Just think of yourself as the Jonas of the comment board, hehehe


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