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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Predictions for LG15: The Resistance

What U.S. cities will be featured? Will Aunt Alex return and use her womanly wiles to seduce Reed, only to disappoint him as she did with Daniel? Who else will hook up? Will Maggie turn out to be Emma's long lost sister? Will Sarah be loyal to the resistance, or turn out to be a plantcake yet again? Will something evil climb out of Taylor and Spencer's tell-tale heart box from the life raft? Will any of the other characters not featured make an appearance? Who will be kidnapped? Who will die? Who will be trait positive? Who will join the Order? Will LifesBloodLabs go public with an IPO? Will we meet Lord Carruthers? Will Lucy add a little color to her wardrobe? Will Jonas ever fire his gun? And most importantly, will Zombie Bree and Zombie Gemma make a cameo appearance for their long awaited kung-fu fighting battle?

Now, before things get rolling, it's time to make your pre-season LG15: The Resistance predictions!

What do you think is going to happen in this series?


  1. Predictions:
    1. Fewer road trips due to high gas prices.
    2. Lucy takes some karate classes and gives Jonas the ass whipping he deserves.
    3. The 436 does something, something very very "interesting"

  2. My only true prediction:

    Jonas and Sarah quickly have to go to Chicago, to find some clue, to find an artifact that's back on the West Coast. While in Chicago, Reed sees them and says something like, "Jackson? Lexi? What are you doing here?" Jonas and Sarah are like "Uh, what?" And Reed's like, "Don't pretend you don't know that you're actors."

    They all have a long talk, Reed's all like, "Wait, you mean it's real and not an internet TV show?" Gavin pops up and says, "Yeah, it is, but don't go down that road..." and then they all continue on their merry way and we don't have to worry about why Reed said he wasn't canon...

  3. O_o i dont know why reed said he wasn't canon.
    the character might think that.. it IS just a show o_O BUT HE IS VERY WRONG

    lmao. i liked that bit about gavin

  4. What Reed said was true. He is not a metal cylindrical objet which shoots out metal balls at high velocity.

  5. Reed's gonna battle an ogre bare handed .. and win.

  6. And he's also not a book in the Bible (thus not canon)

    Yeah, there is something about a cross country trip in there. Jenni, Greg...Chicago isn't that far from KY......use your mad connections for good!

    Oh I officially ship Sarah/Reed
    And Jonas as a loner....poor boy

  7. I'm fine with Jonas as a loner, believe me. I...hate Jonas, to be blunt.

    But I also have something against Reed, at the moment. He might grow on me...and I think he's witty, but he seems obnoxious...and Sarah deserves better. We'll see if my opinion changes, but...eh...

  8. Sarah and Daniel is the only option for me. Sarah will give Reed an ass whipping.

  9. Something is going to happen interactive-wise that, if the community video is good enough, a character from it will be incorporated to the show.

    Crazy, yes, but I say it's possible if people really buckled down and made a good show.

    I miss the old days.


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