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Friday, September 26, 2008

Quit The Censorship - LordGreystoke422

We know what Q The C means..see my title.

Oh yeah...I talk about Jonas and Sarah too.

*Any terroristic threats made to real people living or dead(or soon to be) are purely coincidental and should not be taken seriously...::wink::


  1. Tell you what LordGreyStoke, you are a funny guy, and I like your videos, but you are out of line here.

    Rather than posting a video attacking me based on second hand misinformation, take a minute to read my remarks on the thread on Anchor Cove and get better informed.

    This non-specific label of me as a tyrannical censor, even jokingly, is absurd and borders on slander, as you may see once you have a little more information.

    I welcome discussion and even disagreement, but don't put labels on me that I don't deserve because someone else got briefly upset and misrepresented my actions.

    (see next comment)

  2. Here is part of what I posted on Anchor Cove before seeing this video...

    "After setting out the issues as clearly as I could, I waited a full day, over 24 hours, for others to comment and respond and clarify the nature of the content in the video, including inviting the admin in question to contact me (not knowing who that was), hoping for more information. The truth is Modelmotion (who Greg revealed tonight was the admin in question) has a habit of sending a lot of invitations to blog authors whenever something new appears - the attitude, which I share, is generally the more the merrier. This does not imply Modelmotion automatically approves of everything someone else he invited later posts on the blog. Modelmotion may or may not agree with my views of these videos.

    Point 2: When I pulled the embedded video, after stating the reasons (they are in the comments posted above on this thread), inviting discussion, and waiting a day, I still left the post in place and invited further discussion / comments on it. The only reason I pulled the posts off the blog (setting them to "draft" which saves them without displaying them on the blog) was in response to the almost immediate re-editing that occured.... and that is where I said I would stop the discussion of those events on this forum.

    So... on the general discussion,

    My position on this video series is that barring some significant new understanding of the intended message, these videos cross the line of what is acceptable on LG15 Today. They tend to "do harm" by including threatening implications toward real people (as opposed to fictional violence toward characters), combined with general hostility, and a lack of substantive critique or a wink that might tend to offset these. With no person stepping forward to explain and disavow these threatening implications, pulling the videos off the blog was the right thing to do, and a consistent application of our very restrained blog administration. We also remove personal attacks, pornographic content, and spam.

    I did NOT pull them because they express a negative view toward Eqal's shows or their success, and NOT simply because they contain a mocking tone. We have many examples on the blog, including my own contributions, that do both, albeit with considerably less hostility and usually a good deal more humor. See ValleyGirl15, or my own early blog posts with the "humor" tag poking fun as many of us do at some of the illogical or improbable events in the show, or posts we have written charting views, etc. I am constantly commenting on the choices the Creators make and the quality of their videos, from plot points to thumbnails to writing to acting to sound quality and on and on. But with all my small critiques, I try to put some thought into it, and I also have helped a bit to promote the new show and suggest improvements to the website.

    LG15 Today blog is certainly not and should not be a place that only offers plaudits and a republishing of InsideLG15 content - that is only a small part. But even a place like our blog that collects a wide range of independent points of view and material and promotes diverse community series, can reasonably place limits on what is acceptable."

  3. I should clarify that the discussion above beginning with "After setting out the issues as clearly as I could..." was in regard to the TunnelRatatat436 videos.

  4. I also posted at Anchor Cove in response to this issue:

    "Welcome, QtheC.

    greggallows wrote:
    'Modelmotion allowed Tunnelrat as an author, by the by. I didnt want to make that info public without his permission, but he has been MIA lately'

    It fascinates me that Greg was privy to this information, yet you were not. My understanding was that the two of you were on equal footing at the blogspot, and I would have normally come to the conclusion that you would also both have access to such information.

    Both myself and LGS422 posted vids today poking a bit of fun at the drama at the blogspot. For the record, mine is a comedy, and Greystoke's seems to be tongue-in-cheek as well.

    Finally, assuming you are reading here still, TunnelRat appears to be someone well-versed in both blogging and IRC. My suggestion, assuming you welcome such a thing, would be to rejoin the IRC community yourself.

  5. its nice to see OPEN debate. :-)

  6. btw, the quotes being posted from anchor cove come from this thread


    not that anyone really wants to delve into this drama that deeply, but just in case you do.

  7. "It fascinates me that Greg was privy to this information, yet you were not."

    Gee, I wonder HOW Greg had that information.

  8. I actually nearly posted on the pulled video comments as I was out the door this morning..I actually typed the comment and then deleted it before I hit post...mighta been one of those..step away from the keyboard and count to 10 things.. It was something about becoming like the Cs and cutting off the free flow of information and going down the slippery slope that is censorship.
    As to my slandering you? Ummm YOU did censor the blog...and also banned Greg for at least a short time. What part was slander? I have a strong tendency to do things in character...which once I got home and heard of what you did...my comments I nearly posted because part of my story.
    As to my lacking information...what makes you think I ever lack information? I think YOU yourself are lacking information. While you are an admin here..this is ultimately the BOT's blog. You may not realize just how much the BOT and I talk. We have had conversations with regards to this blog and whats posted here and censorship and frankly I can say the deletion of the posting is not what he would desire. Bottom line.. DID MM say to delete it? I am virtually certain he did not...

  9. In fact.. contemplate this..and let state...this is NOT inside info or anything like that...its just a theory that crossed my mind before someone else made the suggestion.
    Just who is tunnelrat. Well its not me. Apo says its not him. Milo says its not him. Jenni said she thought it was greg and its not him. Mike says its not him. Now who has not disavowed being Tunnelrat..
    Who uses the term 436 a LOT. Who is very critical of the Cs. Who has a firm grasp of IRC and cloaking and knows their way around. Who has a firm grip on the community as a whole and knows almost everything going on.. Who thinks my dog is adorable that had seen ALL my NOGustav Vlogs.(based on a conversation with tunnelrat inLG15chat.) Hmmm who?
    SO...what has ModelMotion been up to. I have not seen him around quite as much lately...I am very curious as to what he would feel about this video and these happenings. My suspicion is that he would support them. Why he might even stick an I approve this message tag on Tunnel's vid as if he had made them himself he would support them so much... Contrary to popular opinion "he" is not the devil...::has "The Demon Seed " flash backs".

  10. "Gee, I wonder HOW Greg had that information."

    I asked, modelmotion is a friend of mine and we talk about this kind of stuff all of the time.

  11. "Jenni said she thought it was greg and its not him."

    Actually, just to clarify information...it was actually the opposite, Greg thought Tunnelrat was me. This idea probably came from my comments on the videos as well as my conversations with Tunnelrat on IRC, which was more of me connecting with the sentiment of going through the stages of loss than a total agreement with the subject matter of the content.

    Basically, what is boils down to is that Tunnelrat has now probably gotten way more attention for these videos then he/she would have if Q had just left them alone.

  12. tunnelrat is clearly Pharma Guy!

  13. Tunnelrat is Cassie!

  14. "lordGreystoke422 said...

    I am tunnelrat!"


    For serious?

  15. It's a shame that LordGreyStoke, having been presented with additional information to supplement the original misinformation he hastily relied upon, still has not seen fit to post a retraction or correction to his ridiculous characterization of me in this video.

  16. It's a shame that your butt hurts so much, qthec

  17. It's a shame you're such an ass, anon

  18. Pot calling the kettle black

  19. @ cg "tunnelrat is clearly Pharma Guy!"


  20. Please don't post profane, anonymnous, direct attack comments with no thoughtful content such as the one previously directed toward me.

    Let's not treat this blog the way people treat YouTube commenting.


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