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Monday, September 22, 2008

Social Bookmarking comes to the Breeniverse

We are working with the436.com to beta test a social bookmarking feature on LG15 Today. To use the feature you will first have to have an account with the436.com so sign up today. The436.com basically works a lot like Digg. If you enjoy a story or a video on LG15 Today just click on the title of the story and that will reload the page which will now have a CAST VOTE button beside the labels. (note this will not work if the author has chosen to insert a url to an external site for the header link but generally that is not the case). Simply click the "cast vote" button and that will take you to a submission page on the 436.com. The page is already partly filled out but you should add appropriate labels, a brief description of the story and select a category. Then submit your story. After that it is up to members of the436 (which will mostly be other community members) to vote for their favorite articles.

What is really great about the436.com is that it is a social bookmarking site for the entire Breeniverse. We make it easy for you to submit stories from LG15 Today but we also encourage you to take the extra effort to submit stories from wherever you find them through out the Breeniverse. Whether it is a great community video, a story about LG15: The Resistance or any other web series you think the community would enjoy then submit it.

Let the fun begin.

If you encounter any problems with the beta test leave a comment below.


  1. Note: we will be working closely with the436.com to make sure the categories etc best meet your needs so your feedback is important.

  2. For a more extensive discussion of the436.com and the potential of social bookmarking for the community join the discussion on "The 436 Black Hole":


  3. ok, I submitted something. This is pretty fun.

  4. In what sense Kindred? Did it load slow on your system or what exactly did you experience?

  5. It was just loading slowly, not tried it since.

  6. It has a web site now? Dam, no internet for two days and everything changes. Well I'd log on but this is my third attempt at posting a comment. New DSL modem is in the mail, I hope it gets here soon.

  7. I tired. Never visit a new web site when your internet connection keeps dropping every 5 seconds.

  8. the 436 is attacking Joe's internet!!!!

    this will not end well


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