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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorority Forever - Episode 1 "Sisterhood"

Sorority Forever: Episode 1 "Sisterhood"

Sorority Forever on TheWB.com | MySpace

From the MySpace channel:

"Series Description: Phi Chi Kappa is the hottest sorority on campus. For every freshmen girl, getting in seems like a dream come true, but there are mysteries around every corner of the Phi Chi House. Behind the sex, the drama, and the beautiful people lies a terrifying secret."

On the MySpace page for Sorority Forever, there are links to individual character pages, such as Jessica Rose's leading character, Julie Gold, who writes,

"hi im julie! im pretty awesome, but i dont like to say that right away, first impressions you know... oh damn, i did it again! lol also, ive been described as a really girly tomboy... whatever that means!?"

Julie wants to meet you (queue "interactivity"):

"Who I'd like to meet:
you! and people who are not too caught up in their own crazy lives. i like meeting people online. its nice to be able to talk to someone with messages because there is actual conversation going back and forth... not just loud interruptions from people trying to talk about themselves. that's who i want to meet, i guess."

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  1. Doesn't seem to work if you're in the UK...

  2. That's odd.

    Jess had a tad bit much eye make-up on at the beginning.

    Also: Is this the HoO college outreached program.

    I'll watch this, mainly because I love Jessica, to see what happens.

  3. Rachel bothers me already.

  4. I wonder if the water balloon hazing was intentionally very tame as a contrast to what goes on in the basement?

  5. You can tell McG was involved..the whole thing was shot like a music video.

  6. ok, I finally got a chance to see it. I really enjoyed it!

  7. is the episode going to be any longer than 2.5 min

  8. If Prom Queen (Tokyo and normal) are any indicators, Kelly? They'll all be pretty short. I'm really happy to see Jessica in another show. My money is still on Human Sacrifice for the basement.

  9. boo that upset me. i really was expecting it to be a full half hour/hour long show

  10. I just get an error where the video should play. MySpace hates me... maybe that's ok though.

  11. I'm not sure it will help, but if MySpace does not work for you, the video should be on theWB.com 24 hours after appearing on MySpace (I think).

  12. www.thewb.com:

    The WB can only be viewed in the United States.

  13. once a week 3 minutes isnt enough!!

  14. kelly, they are daily videos. Every weekday.

  15. Why can you only watch it when you're in the US?? I feel discriminated here!

  16. I don't get it. If you don't want to rush, why would you? You have to if you get those little cards? I don't know anything about the Greek cult systems. Wasn't Jess's name also Julie in that Blood Cell? The show that never was...


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