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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sorority Forever: Episode 3/4 (catch up)

Today we will have several posts bringing LG15 Today up to date with "Sorority Forever". There will be 2 new installments every 2 hours until we reach episode 10. Enjoy Jess mania!

Sorority Forever: Episode 3 "Sexy Bra Shopping"
Sorority Forever: Episode 3 "Sexy Bra Shopping"

The four pledges go bra shopping. Julie leaves to see The White Tie Affair

Sorority Forever: Episode 4 "Panty Pledge"
Sorority Forever: Episode 4 "Panty Pledge"

Julie gets the girls in trouble.


  1. I hope these play ok for other people. On my system they cut off after 30 seconds but I am hoping that is a problem specific to my chip/OS/browser combo.

    Let us know if anyone else has a similar problem.

    Otherwise, enjoy todays Sorority Forever catch up.

  2. Myspace would never work for me.
    It was all choppy and stuff.
    I did find a lovely person who uploaded them on youtube though.

    I never did try watching them on the wb site though.

  3. For me, the myspace player works better than youtube, and I've gotten into watching myspace version's of videos first when people upload to both myspace and youtube. I guess its just different systems.

  4. I only see an error in the creen. Guess the videos still won't play in other countries then the US. I'm gonna try finding them on youtube, like maddy said.

  5. I've found the channel on youtube where al the Sorority Forever videos are posted. It's called ZombieOrgans (yeah, I know, nice name, not). Now I can watch this show also :) Thanks for mentioning it Maddemp!

  6. You're welcome Bianca.
    I figured the international folks would enjoy the mentioning of youtube.

  7. I have just been using this to watch them.


  8. for people outside the USA...
    Try this one... It works in Canada ... They're a week behind, but videos are upload daily.
    Sadly the youtube account mentionned earlier is now closed...


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