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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank You For Hating Greggerz! (LonelyJew15 BTS Video)

The full community video submissions from the LonelyJew15 episode "I Think Jerry Popped a Vein or Two". Thank you all so much for your hard work, it means the world to us! --The Historians

PaulMark18 http://www.youtube.com/paulmark18
Dr. Immant http://www.youtube.com/immant
Zarbod http://www.youtube.com/zarbod
Sheetzjunkie http://www.youtube.com/sheetzjunkie
Stonedog http://www.youtube.com/stonedog67
Lord Greystoke http://www.youtube.com/lordgreystoke422
MessyNessy http://www.youtube.com/messynessy89
jenlight http://www.youtube.com/jenlight
snl06 http://www.youtube.com/snl06
Greg Mason http://www.youtube.com/masonishappy
ApotheosisAZ http://www.youtube.com/apotheosisaz


  1. Top three hands down are Zarbod, PaulMark, and Mason...if only for the penguin remark, the drunken bathtub confessional, and a cleverly placed neck bandage :P

  2. Dr. Immant - that's a blast from the past. Lord Greystoke is great too. But Apo with the scarecrow and Jenlight with the parentheses, so random, lol. I want to do a video with those two.

  3. It's just a shame that people have to be asked before coming forward to express their Greggerz hatred.

  4. Dr. Immant's and Apo's made me spit out my water.
    And someone should tell Greg Mason to get his ass to Hollyweird and act for a living. I may not agree with his tactics at promotion... but you cannot deny his extremely amazing talents at acting and video editing.

  5. I think it speaks volumes about how jenni is regarded in the community that she could get something like this together.

  6. I cant figure out what we haven't seen any more of the guy...

  7. This project represents the very best of what we do as a community. It captures the spirit of collaboration and was extremely well produced. I give it 5 ribozymes.


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