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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TheDeal.com: 'Lonelygirl15' creators Beckett, Goodfried discuss new drama

Over the weekend, Beckett and Goodfried debuted their new online video show, a serial drama called "LG15: The Resistance." Including some of the original characters -- but not the leading role of Bree -- the new show is a bit like "Hamlet" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" while working on the "Blair Witch Project" in the land of "The Matrix." The initial episodes are prompting considerable discussion, with 5,000-plus comments posted about them on YouTube already.

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  1. mass meeping became a talking point.

  2. aha, see what i was talking about earlier? be the news. it is much more effective than other forms of marketing.

    i think that eqal has to get into other mediums as well. get their asses on tv and in print media. work to become a story.

    there is a lot of media out there looking to fill space in order to provide more room for paid advertizing. becoming news/a story/a buzz is a way to fill space and reach people outside of their target market.

    on a grassroots level, if we started writing reviews and submitting it to our smaller local papers (which tend to REALLY look for content) we could get it rolling in the print media. but i don't know that i have the time to lead that particular charge.

    reviews for larger mediums could also work. especially if we had a public champion to write a favourable review. it takes a bit of work, but...

  3. She seemed a bit obsessed with twitter....

  4. It was informative, but it kinda ruined the magic!

  5. Greg has that summary speech down pat - he's done a few of these.

  6. Sorry, but I think it's a bit late for these guys to "be the news." I think they should try focusing on "being the good show." They haven't tried that one yet.


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