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Sunday, October 19, 2008

[108] On our own - CharlesValere (tC: WorldFiles)

Follow the link for instructions.



From thecoalitiontv.com:

On our Own


Can tiny Astrid sing?


  1. Okay, in all seriousness where is Q when I'm all sorts of confubbled and need help. I feel like a crazy internet stalker looking for him. Anywho...I'm trying to work on this, but I can't seem to isolate/reverse the audio since I'm completely lacking in any audio skills whatsoever. And then, to top it off...I kinda get the feeling that this is one of those damn checker squares puzzle thingys, which I totally don't understand at all.

    I phail.

  2. The reversed audio can be found here (Virg, you rock!!)


    It needs some serious cleaning, which is waaaaay beyond my capabilities. Help please.


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