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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Angry Drunk Chick! - skyisempty99 (LG15: TR)

Jonas always thinks he's right! -- Sarah

Angry Drunk Chick! - skyisempty99 (LG15: TR) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. I told Sarah this on her board:

    "And sidenote: He's kind of cute and not nearly as emo as Jonas. I think he'd make good company"

    So I win!

  2. You do win! It would have been awesome if she'd given you a shoutout or something. But she was really drunk. ;)

  3. When are they going to have the Jonas vs Reed shirt-off-contest?

  4. I miss the fan shoutouts....

    I keep hoping they'll start doing that again.

    MM, I think that's NEXT time they get drunk together. Thought we haven't seen Reed shirtless. I can't quite picture that in my head...he's too silly...

  5. I think Reed should do it just to be silly.....lol......before the Order tars and feathers him maybe:)

  6. Maybe he'll have to escape from the Order in only his boxers....

    That would fit the current plot and fulfill your request

  7. Sarah likes Reed. The story of my life. The girl I like, likes someone else.

  8. Most people have experienced that Joe, as unfortunate as it is for all parties involved.


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