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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DJ Kira says....reminder

Super Tuesday

Ok, so i know it's not polite to talk about politics in a public setting, but this is an incredibly important election, and it seems as of now people (including myself) are largely uninformed about each candidates history and political priorities. soooooo, this week i am going to do my research on each of them and tuesday im going to give a quick rundown of information. i want to stress that THIS IS ONLY INFORMATION, i am not trying to persuade you for one candidate or the other, i simply want to inform. so please please please tune in on tuesday. if you have questions you can email them to me at [email protected] i will do my very best to find the information to answer all questions. it never hurts to have the information, and hey... this way you dont even have to do the work!


Source http://breefm.blogspot.com/2008/10/super-tuesday.html


  1. My question is: which one of the candidates supports the non-aggression principle?


  2. I'm not voting for any candidate who will support a bailout for LifesBloodLabs. Assuming Jonas and Sarah ever get around to actually doing something to bring them down and force them to go bankrupt and beg the government for money.

  3. Obama supports a bail out plan where everyone will have a right to free trait positive blood.

    McCain supports a bail out plan where he will be the sole recipient of all trait positive blood.

  4. How do the candidates views differ in terms of the implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008?


  5. The Subprime mortgage crisis was the "detonator" that sparked off the current financial crisis.


    It is extremely unlikely that subprime mortgages would have come into existence in a free market without the extreme influence and pressure from the political establishment. Which political party bears the larger responsibility for the creation of the subprime mortgage market and to what degree should we hold the current presidential candidates responsible for their parties actions and any involvement they may have had personally?

    The Subprime mortgage crisis "detonated" a "super bubble" in the credit markets. It has been well known within the banking industry that the "super bubble" in credit has been growing for approximately 35 years and there has long been concern over the phenomena. In order to manage the risk the banking industry created insurance tools that they hoped dealt with the problem. What was not foreseen was the way in which politicians, with their own agenda, would distort the free market place and rapidly create a large amount for unanticipated risk. For example the sub prime mortgage market stimulated an expansion in the credit swap market which now stands at 62 trillion dollars.

    Why is it the current presidential candidates blame the free market when it was in fact their own political pressure, ideologies and corruption that created distortions in the free market that caused the problem. Is any political "leader" who does not understand "Econ 101" fit to hold office?

    Yes, there is greed on Wall Street. It is what we expect. What we do not expect are political representatives that violate their fiduciary duty to the public.

    Given this, which of the present candidates is most likely to clean up the political corruption in DC and beyond? To what degree do each of the candidate support ideologies that distort rather than "correct" the free market and what impact could that have for the future of the USA.

  6. Obama says that as Commander in Chief he would use U.S.A. forces to attack inside Pakistan to kill Osama Bid Laden.

    McCain says that a leader should not talk openly about attacks inside another states sovereign territory but that we should work with the government of Pakistan to achieve our objectives.

    From a geopolitical point of view and from the very nature of international boundaries which approach is better? Which is more diplomatic. What is more likely to achieve the objective?

  7. With unemployment likely to rise to 8.5% and negative growth of 0.75% GDP during the upcoming recession in the U.S.A. which of the candidates is less likely to do significant damage to the recovery process which markets under go on their own once they have cleared excess from the marketplace.

  8. McCain says that he will use the 700 billion "bail out" package to try and stabilize home prices by refinancing home mortgages at risk of default. This seems to be the approach favored by most economists including George Soros.

    Obama has not detailed his plan but broadly supported the bail out package passed by congress which is supposed to buy up foreclosed mortgages directly from Wall Street banks at higher than their market value.

    Which approach if either is better for the U.S.A.

  9. On the Net:

    White House:

    Treasury Department:

    World Bank :

    International Monetary Fund:

  10. Good luck, Kira. :)

  11. McCain Letter Demanded 2006 Action on Fannie and Freddie:


    What does this say about the political judgment of McCain vs Obama given that George Soros himself says that the subprime mortgage crisis was the detonator that set off the current financial crisis?

    Sen. Obama did not sign the letter, nor did any other Democrat.

    However, given that McCain was around in the Senate when the Clinton administration created the subprime mortgage industry in the late 90s in order to promote a social agenda (giving houses to individuals who would NOT have qualified for a conventional mortgage) one has to ask if McCain is really any better?

  12. Next up the environment. Ahhhh the memories of Kyoto. But alas that was DOA in the USA Senate because the spin less politicos would not stand up for what could have been a good start in the fight against global warming. Yes it was unfair because China and India were not included. Yes it was unfair because US economic growth over the intervening years had been faster than in Europe. But hey, sometimes life is not fair and you just have to do what is right for the planet.

    Ok, Bush finally nailed that coffin shut so what do our two current whiz kids have to offer. Well when McCain is done bomb bomb bombing Iran apparently he wants to drill drill drill our way to energy independence. Yea, the USA really has those kinda of oil reserves....NOT.

    And then we have Obama scoffing down the JFK peyote with a 10 year plan to make us energy independent. Now don't get me wrong when u want someone to build a big missile that goes boom the USA is pretty good at doing it. We did it with the Manhattan project and we did it with the space race but think about it people.... these were both government monopoly situations where you were not competing in a competitive marketplace and the tax payer was all too willing to pick up the tab. In the end we had a space program that could not even competitively launch our own missiles, so if you think the gov is going to solve the energy problem perhaps you should think again.

    As for global warming neither candidate really wants to decrease C02/methane emission in the USA as far as I can see. They want to put lipstick on the status quo and call it a beauty queen.

    Global warming is just that..... global. It can only be solved on a global basis. Anything short of that and you will just end up exporting the problem.

  13. I think we can all agree that affordable health care is a good thing. However, how many of you would buy something from an eBay merchant with an approval rating of 18 percent? Asking the government to fix health care is a bit like using a blood sucking parasite to solve anaemia.

    Now McCain promises us a $5000 tax credit for health care which should do what? Pay for the increase in next years premium (personal health care insurance has been increasing at 15-25 percent per year for the past 5 years). And where does the money come from? They take it from YOU at the point of a gun. Yea, thats a winning plan.

    As for Obama he has been smoking more of the DC-crack. Yea, let's get the government more involved in health care. Have you looked in the back room of a doctor's office recently. It looks like a government bureaucracy. I wonder why? Perhaps the problem with health care today is government. Yet the same people think they can solve it. I think not.

    Now, don't get me wrong, 4 years ago I recorded a speech by Obama and sent it out to people saying he would be the next president of the USA (looks like I might be right). The replies were either "who" or "ur nutz, it will be Clinton in 08". So yea, I get the "group think" that says Obama will bring Camelot back to the USA. Perhaps we have all forgotten that Camelot was not all that it seemed.

    The time has come for us all to stand up and take personal responsibility for our lives and the problems we create. We know the government is corrupt so what really makes us think they will or should fix our problems?

    Now, back to something worthwhile: Degrassi:)

  14. Is the era of easy credit over for the long haul?

    "Before the housing bubbled popped, many consumers were pulling money out of their houses to pay for expenditures - from boats to big-screen TVs - well beyond ordinary living expenses."


  15. 2008 Election Issues: Candidate Positions

    "Obama would create a federally sponsored health insurance plan, similar to Medicare, that would compete with private plans for those under 65."

    Read more on all the issues:


  16. All that money you've lost - where did it go?

    "There was a time when nobody had to wonder what happened to the money they used to have. Until paper money was developed in China around the ninth century, money was something solid that had actual value - like a gold coin that was worth whatever that amount of gold was worth, according to Douglas Mudd, curator of the American Numismatic Association's Money Museum in Denver."


    Is it time to change how we think about money? There are those that think that "money" as such has simply been replaced by "credit". There are those that think we should return to the gold standard. Others think the current crisis is an excuse to introduce the "amero".

    The reality is that the day of the "triad" may have arrived. The triad is a basket of 3 currencies: the USA dollar, the euro and the yen). A basket of currency is inherently more stable than any individual currencies and if the oil rich nations of the world get sick of the instability of the dollar as the "World currency" they may turn to the triad as a more stable replacement.

    Where do the candidates stand on this? Turn on the printing press baby and crank out a trillion dollars. The public does not pay attention so they will not notice we have just reduced their effective wealth. Who cares about inflation anyway.... isn't that something that was irradicated in the last millennium?

    It is not only important to have a good debate: it is important to ask the right questions of our so called "leaders" who are in reality supposed to be our "servants".

  17. Jobs:

    So Obama wants to give a tax credit for every American that gets a new job. Sounds good right? That should take care of unemployment, right? Hummmmm. So they want to take money taken from the people at the point of a gun and effectively give it out to companies with no consideration of what the business does? Oh wait the government is so smart they would not do something really really really dumb. When it comes to the allocation of resources in the marketplace that is something that business does well....... so why prop up companies that are no longer competitive? Why institute policies that are essentially hidden protectionism?

    Now for McCain. Keep taxes low. No problem there. But what about all the hand outs already on the books Mr. McCain. When are you going to kick off some of the big companies suckling on your nipples. If you take office will you gut all the laws of all the fat and pork you and the rest of gang have created?

    If government gets out of our lives and stops screwing up on such an unimaginable scale the marketplace will allocate resources where needed and we can begin the recovery process.

  18. Taxes

    Obama wants to use the government to "spread the wealth around"


    McCain wants everyone to keep more of what they earned believing that the rich will invest their excess in new business production or driving the marketplace for high end products and services.

    Which is better for the economy and hence you in the long run?

  19. I suggest listening to the entire coversation with "Joe the Plumber" to get a more complete picture instead of a short Fox-style sound bite:


  20. @ modelmotion:

    Perhaps the promise of every president is to "spread the wealth around", yet rarely does that happen. What usually happens is that wealth stays within the government.

    Kevin White
    Visit us at: http://www.biggaragehomes.com/

  21. @ modelmotion:

    A great shoutout to Obama and McCain when it comes to our country's jobs and taxes. You definitely aired out my sentiments as well. Thanks!;)

  22. Nice post DJ Kira! Perhaps in any country in the world wealth only thrives within the government, not to the people!


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