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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meg's Vlog - Body Count (Hooking Up)

Meg throws down on the ultimate relationship discussion.


  1. do these remind anyone else of the old "breeblogs?" :DD

  2. Yes Michiev...accept that for most of the series, Bree didn't have "a number". :)

  3. So she asks us to reply to "Baskbook" but on the website, you STILL can't register. They need to get on that! :)

  4. The only person I see here is Bree, not Megan. And I love it ;)

  5. @ micheav YES, it really really really really does!

  6. Maybe they didn't kill Bree. Maybe they erased her memory with some evil memory erasing device and gave her a new identity. Just think of how they could bring the two stories together. The possibilities are infinite.


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