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Friday, October 3, 2008

Moving Around (and around and around and around)

Blog From Reed

10.3.2008 10:14

I'm moving around between friends' houses and apartments for the time being. At least I'm catching up with some buddies.

Though the times, they ain't all that fun right now. The van is still tracking me. It's not as noticeable anymore -- probably because they know that I know that they're there. Which is too much knowing to feel safe.

I'm still trying to contact Jonas and Sarah. Not sure about Hymn of None, but if I can meet up with Jonas, hopefully he can help me out. He's been here before and I haven't.

I haven't been this scared since my first time at the Dentist.

And that was really freakin' scary.


  1. In case anyone was wondering (like I was), this blog isn't posted on the front page of LG15.com or on MySpace. It's in Reed's profile on LG15.com:


  2. If you click on the header it will take you straight to Reed's blog!

    I'm scared of the dentist too. Dentists tell lies!

  3. I'm glad you found it. It seems like these channel blogs would be hard to find, especially the ones by reed, which they don't currently put on the front page. How else would you know to look there except word of mouth?

  4. Someone mentioned it on comments and my timing was good cause a lot of people were having other random conversations that were unrelated.

    A few minutes later and I would have totally missed this.


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