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Sunday, October 12, 2008

On This Day In LG15 History: "The Ceremony" 10-12-06

Two year ago today, October 12, 2006, the Lonelygirl15 video "The Ceremony" was posted by Daniel. This was long before anyone knew what the Ceremony was. Filmed in a shaky Blair Witch style, and actually kinda creepy, many were a bit disappointed after the weeks-long build up to "10-12-06". But, then again, others admitted that "nothing would or could live up to the hype we have created" around the Ceremony.

Although it turned out to be a fake ceremony, in retrospect, it may have been the creepiest one.

"The Ceremony" on LGPedia

lg15.com original discussion thread

Anchor Cove original discussion thread


  1. Back when they had cool hooded cloaks and not those cheesy vampire capes in the season finale.


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