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Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the Wagon - Jonas blog (LG15: TR)

got it. no more booze for a while.

i guess i could be pissed at sarah's response. but its only fair. i lobbed it over the plate.

as for reed, i've gotten his emails. he gave me a time and place for friday. still considering but can't be sure...

Read and respond to Jonas' blog


  1. I like it when characters have blogs that aren't posted on the main page. It gives me reason to check their page everyday just in case. It makes it more of a scavenger hunt to find the blogs.

    I hope today and tomorrow we realize a good reason they have to rescue Reed. Because I want my boy rescued. If not I'm going to go rescue him myself this weekend!

  2. HAHAHA, I love the picture you added!

    It makes it pop out more on the blog. Jonas looks oh so sad...

    *pets the Jonas*

  3. make room for the MM/VV lovefest


  4. vv said: "I like it when characters have blogs that aren't posted on the main page."

    as long as someone posts them here!

    you so know that the reed-jonas love affair starts friday.

  5. Are they going to have a bromance?

    Ala DB and Jonas back in the day?

    Anonymous, there is enough love to go around for all! And you gotta love double letters (MM, VV, etc)

  6. Hey Milowent, do I see a Bromance V2.0 in our future?

    Please oh please...

  7. Jonas is so playing hard to get.

  8. I don't know Jenlight, look at that look he's giving us in the picture.

    I think that's his "come hither" look. Whether it's meant for us or Reed, hard to tell.

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