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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reed blog....

Mixin' It Up

10.14.2008 13:54

I think it’s safe to say you’re not truly on the lam until your car’s been broken into. By that logic it turns out I’m officially a wanted man. Shocking as it may be, the rental car Jonas, Sarah, and I picked up had windows made of glass.

Meaning they were fragile.

Meaning they were breakable.

Meaning someone broke the s#!+ out of them.

When we left the hotel this morning we saw the passenger and driver’s side windows were shattered. Jonas and Sarah handled it a lot better than I did. Then again, their Awesome Road Mix CDs weren’t stolen (yes, I made awesome road mix CD’s for the car).

Other than the tragic loss of my personal tunes, we were pretty lucky. Car still runs and there wasn’t much else to steal from it since most of our gear was in the hotel room.

The strangest part about the whole thing is that the break-in didn’t even seem to phase Jonas or Sarah. Once I calmed down and realized our lives weren’t in imminent danger, I thought maybe it was just a random car thief. But when I told them that, they just laughed. “Since when do things happen at random to people like us?” Jonas said.

Well, he’s right. Even though I don’t want him to be. I don’t know. Maybe the unnerving part was that when he said ‘people like us’ I got the feeling I wasn’t one of those people. Not yet, at least.

Jonas and Sarah -- who’ve been deep in this for so long now -- they’re used to having their privacy violated; so much so that they were able to just shrug the whole thing off. I guess you can’t help but develop a super black sense of humor from the whole thing. “If someone wanted us dead, we’d probably have dodged a few bullets by now. Or not.”

Score one for Sarah on the least comforting line of the day.

Anyway, we’re going to hang around town for the day while we get the car replaced/fixed up. I’m going to set up an imeem playlist for our day of paranoia induced fun, so check that out here.


Makin' Memories (And Enemies)

Someone is following us. But the show must go on. -- Reed


  1. OMG! Check the imeem link. His name actually is Reed Barnes!

  2. Oh, wait, we knew that. Sorry! XD


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