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Friday, October 31, 2008

‘Sorority Forever’ Finale Arrives as Ladies Hit Global Scene

"Distribution partner MySpaceTV, who had a exclusive 48-hour window for new episodes, certainly delivered. They accounted for over 4 Million views for the series so far. TheWB.com hasn’t yet released viewership numbers for those shown on its own site, but it’s expected that they are at least over 1 million for the series."



  1. “The message boards are filled with people playing detective - from analyzing pictures in the girl’s rooms to reading our character’s MySpace pages and finding hidden metaverse blogs, the audience really got into it! That’s what’s so exciting about online series - the interactive elements of storytelling.”

  2. So that WAS the finale? Will there be another season cause that ending was CRAP and left so many plot threads untied!

  3. 4 million "AMERICAN" viewers how dumb. I find it idiotic they distribute a show online yet they only air it in america. If that was the case put it on tv not the internet

  4. If you read the article you'd see that they distributed the show in other countries as well. Including on Bebo.

    I also did not like the final episode and hope they'll consider a second season.

  5. I have since discovered that they released it to bebo but i dont recall seeing a blog about it. However bebo made no attempt at the interactivity. They have simply dumped 5 vids on an acount every monday there isnt much advertisment or hype in it.

    My point is just that they advertised and hyped it up all over myspace where only people within america could see and interact yet when they make it available to others they dont bother with the user interaction. This still alienates the audiances outside of america yet they brag big viewing figures and interest based off of one focus group


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