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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sorority Forever "too deep" VO - jessicaleerose

Doing ADR for sorority forever episode 'too deep'.. more to come from different episodes :P
btw its one of my first attempts at editing so yea.. enough said!

Sorority Forever: Week 7 Recap


  1. Thanks Jess. It is great to have glimpse into your world. Keep em coming:)

  2. If she needs help editing she should channel Bree for tips.

  3. wtf lol...i guess she was lipsynching at that part of the real episode? why would they do it that way? weird.. she's so cute though <3

  4. Productions will use ADR when the sound doesn't turn out during actual shooting. It happens quite a bit. And the line she was re-recording actually happens off screen.


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