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Friday, November 14, 2008

Account of Boston Live by LG15panda

Hi! Here's my report on the Boston live event:

I got to the statue a little after 10:30 and plopped down on a nearby
bench. It was hard figuring out who might be an LG15 community person
because there were all of these people around -- a bunch of them
holding cameras because they were in some photography class. I was
getting pretty paranoid at that point!

About 5 minutes before 11AM, I start walking around to some of the
people who were hanging around the statue and asking them if they were
waiting for something at 11. I came across discomatt and nathaners.
We asked a suspicious-looking guy with a laptop if he was also waiting
for something at 11, but he shook his head. Once we made a complete
tour around the statue asking various people nearby, we came back to
the spot where Laptop Guy had been and saw that Sarah was standing
there with a laptop, and was being filmed, so we headed on over and
met Sarah, Camera Guy, Internet Guy, and DixieMccoy.

Sarah played the imeem clue about the Palace and the Path to Freedom,
which seemed to me like the Freedom Trail and State House, so we
walked all the way across Boston Common to get there. During the walk
we talked about Jonas, Maggie, and Reed and complained about how they
weren't there to back Sarah up. Nathaners thought someone was
following us, and so we kept looking back, but no one was there.

At the State House, we kind of stood around dumbfounded because we had
no idea what we were looking for, and I guess we ran into Captain
McAwesome because he gave a shoutout to Sarah. Capt. walked off, and
Internet Guy called us over to a bench and there was the note about
the Anura. Internet Guy got a phone call from Jonas, who told us that
Anura was a frog, and that led us to the Frog Pond/playground area.

We walked over to the Frog Pond and into the playground, looking to
see if there were any clues. While there, Laptop Guy comes up and
grabs the laptop and says, "I told you to come alone." We start to
walk after him and he tosses a note into a pile of leaves. The note
tells Sarah to go to the ladies' room in South Station alone. We're
hesitant to let her go, but she insists on going and we point the way
to the T station. And that's the end of the live event!

We got to do kind of a summary of the live event for the camera and
talk about what happened. Lexi (the actress who plays Sarah) and Josh
(head writer) bought us drinks at a nearby Dunkin Donuts and we got to
ask them questions about the show. We also got to watch the South
Station video where Sarah heads into the bathroom and finds another
note. Shouldn't spoil where Sarah is supposed to go next, but you'll
find out soon!

Lexi is super nice and we bonded over our mutual love of the Twilight
series but even though Robert Pattinson is here in Boston promoting
the movie we refuse to go get trampled by tweens to see him. They're
not allowed to say anything about the plot, but it looks like The
Resistance is running until week 12 and we're at week 9 right now, and
there will be a 12 in 12 event at the end, so there is still a lot
more to come!

I took a couple of photos, enjoy.


  1. mm, thanks for doing such a great job during the day of gathering all this information in one place. there's really no substitute -- that's not a slight on lg15.com, but lg15.com is not set up in a way (and i'm not sure how it would be) to allow for this kind of centralized real time reporting by the community.

  2. :):):) it is just great to see the community get involved and have fun.

  3. good to know I'm in the right place. Thanks mm.

  4. Thanks for the report and pictures, LG15Panda - great job.


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