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Monday, November 17, 2008

AOL Video Cuts Free Its UGC Dead Weight

"AOL Video will stop supporting user uploads next month, showing once again that hosting video is a thankless, expensive and undifferentiated task."


  1. interesting.

    i can't remember ever watching vids uploaded to aol, but i'm sure this will upset people using the service over there.

    has anyone checked out vloggerheads? its the new video service started by renetto et al, trying to recapture the glory of early youtube & its vlogger dominance before little ol' bree came along. i have no idea if it gets any traffic.

  2. I said it ten years ago, I'll say it now. aol sucks,

  3. i am on vloggerheads .... but then again i was also on AOL......lol. Except for the early days AOL never understood its core user. If they had followed suggestions made to them during beta testing they would have been able to build it into the first social network because they already had all the core components in place before anyone else. When it came to video their focus was on pimping old TW content which makes sense but without the social network UGC was DOA.

  4. I can't remember ever doing anything on AOL since 1999.


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