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Friday, November 14, 2008


Eddie Pope, the award-winning investigative journalist today launches The Pope Tattles (http://www.popetattles.com ) the online headquarters for Eddie's search for the Tarot Killer, America's newest and most elusive serial killer. Responsible for at least five known murders in five different cities, the Tarot Killer continues to evade law enforcement, despite leaving copious clues. This lack of a coordinated effort by law enforcement agencies has forced Pope to take things to the Internet and the general public.

The Tarot Killer is moving from state to state, city to city, killing with impunity and no one is doing anything to stop the carnage. There is strong evidence of cult activity as well, raising the potential for pure evil to absurd heights and Eddie Pope is the one to bring it into the light. Each week, Eddie will reveal his evidence to the world and interview the key participants in this, the ultimate race against evil.

Eddie Pope is the award-winning journalist who has written for publications in three of the top 5 media market in the nation, as well as for several English-language overseas newspapers. An internationally acknowledged expert on serial killers and the occult, Pope often assists in police matters. Due to his frequent travel schedule, keeping a dog would be cruel, but his neighbor Flo feeds his fish. Eddie likes cheese.

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  1. Interesting........ hummmmmm......

  2. Hello All! We are following this story on unfiction and on sentry outpost. www.sentryoutpost.com

    the game is eldritch errors. This is a new chapter in a continuing story.

    For some background information LG15 fans may want to read the most recent post on schmeldritch.

    Everyone is welcome to play!! Please join us at Sentry Outpost(I'm unfictionrose there) or at unfiction (where i'm just rose)

    We have several sites already, but I don't want to spoil your fun.



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