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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boston Blitz (Recap) - hymnofnone99

We have received more footage from our live gathering in Boston yesterday. Further documentation of our growing numbers... - HoN


Artist: Colourmusic
Track: "Winter Song"


  1. Is the "You Have to Come Alone" umbrella guy (that gives Sarah the laptop at the beginning) a new canon character?

  2. It still seems odd to me that Josh found the "Anura" note rather than the people following Sarah. Did they miss part of the clue or was it planned to go this way?

    All I can figure, from a story point of view, is that the note giving guy wanted them moving so he could check that they were not followed (although anyone could have been in the group, so...) ... well, ARG rationales for puzzles are often thin and ignored, so that's no big deal as long as it is entertaining for the participants.

    I think the best part of this experience for those that went was the extended time interacting with Lexi and Josh and the chance to document and share their photos/videos with the rest of us.

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