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Saturday, November 29, 2008


The petition

Honestly, the new LG15 is great, but it's nothing without danielbeast aka yousef abu-taleb. he was a big part of the original, and we don't know what happened to him. it only makes sense that they bring him back.

i feel like the showing is missing DB. think of all the drama it can create with Sarah and Reed. Maybe he can get with Estelle.

Sign the petition



  1. Forget DB, bring back Zombie Bree and Gemma. Bring back Lucy, bring back P. Monkey, Thor and Owen. Bring back Proving Science Wrong. You could bring DB back also if you want.

  2. I signed even though I disagree with "Honestly, the new LG15 is great"

    Since I recently realized that one of the things missing is what DB provided - exposition.

    Still this wont do any good.
    Even if the petition worked would Yusef really want to get back on a sinking ship?

  3. wow jenlight. your really hating on this show arent you? if you dont like it, dont watch it.. its as simple as that. but dont freaking go around hating on it because its not going the way YOU want it to go.

  4. haha, steve. Believe me, more and more people are following your advice. They're not liking it, and instead of complaining and trying to make it better, they're not watching. Great advice.

  5. Care to back that up with facts Anonymous?

  6. what's so terrible bout a petition to bring back danielbeast, now? i seem to remember the Creators supporting a similar petition for spencer.

    i'm not Anonymous above, but the best evidence in support of a decaying audience is the view data -- the daily vids cannot even crack 5K views. A few recent ones are having trouble getting to 3K when i last checked, e.g., "leave me alone" is at 2947, "panic at the park" is at 2954.

    As for the weekly vids on lg15theresistance, they usually cannot break 50K views a week anymore (e.g., week 10 has 39K). weeks 5 and 6 were the nadir at 27K and 22K views.

    whether those views are sustainable or not for the show, no one really knows.

  7. Just look at the view numbers dropping, kp. That's all the facts you need.

  8. perhaps the numbers for the daily views are dropping because more people are watching the digest versions on the weekends? i know i am. why watch bits and pieces when you can watch the whole week at once?

    i'm the least likely person to be supporting eqal and their decisions, but i think the show has become a lot more cohesive since they started the resistance. and even though i adore him, i don't think daniel/yousef would have a place in the storyline now. his initial motivating factor was bree, and only bree. anything that he was involved in after she died seemed pointless for him.

    he's wonderful and deserves better than being stuck in an online soap opera like lg15.

  9. The digest versions have been dropping by week.

  10. I think there are some flaws, but also some brilliant bits in the new show.

    I think the Maggie hospital storyline is just great. I think the roadtrip leaves some to be desired (i.e. the WHY of the roadtrip).

    I think the biggest problem is people's aversion to the new forums. LG15 at its best is a community, not just a show.

  11. Hating on it is fun. Why would I want to stop doing something I enjoy just because YOU don't like it?

    Dude people like me make up half the audience. You better hope those of us who think the show sucks don't all stop watching.

    Nothing wrong with the petition. I would love DB to return but, I still see no reason Yusef would want to come back.

  12. I signed it. But Yousef isn't coming back, even if nine thousaaaaaaand people would sign it. He's busy with other projects (even though I haven't seen anything of it yet). This storyline misses something, something magical that the first season had and what was lost after it ended. And it will never return, maybe they can try it with KateModern 2.0?? (PLEASE!)

  13. I don't think they'll ever get it back...I've given up.

  14. Bring back KateModern!!!

  15. I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would have ended KM. That just did not seem like a very smart business decision at the time. In retrospect it seems even more unwise.

    But yea, I do miss Daniel.

    As for the road trip. Well that should have been a real road trip with meep-ups (tm) along the way. That seemed like a no-brainer and we have seen fans ask for that for a long time. What they delivered in Boston was fine, but it could and should have been so much more.

  16. oh my gosh this is so sweet! I can't believe that my little petition made it on here!! :)

  17. I say we let the Creators do what they want. If they want to continue the show without Yousef, let them. I realize the views are going down, but I still watch, and the Creators aren't showing any signs of STOPPING, so I don't see the problem. If you like it, watch. If you don't, don't.

  18. wow jenlight.. seriously, are you constantly on your period or something cause your a raging you know what all the time!

    if you dont like it, get the HELL over it. and dont ruin it for other people.

  19. woah steve, calm down.. jen is allowed to have her own opinions. dont bite her head off for it.

  20. Just because Jen has some problems with the series doesn't give you a right to insult her.

    I like the series and enjoy it, but i also like Jen and think everyone has a right to their own opinions.

    Unless she personally attacks you, don't personally attack her.


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