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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Futureage Studios New Show:The Revølutiøn

DJPplanet says:

"What started øn November 22nd, 1963,
became øur revølutiøn.

"What støries are there tø tell?"

Many støries, indeed.

Many støries."

Starting on 11.7.08, Futureage Studios, who made the series, The Sudden, brings you a new series, called "The Revølutiøn".

They will respond to many videos, hear your story as they tell their own, and send ARG-incorporative puzzles for people to solve.

Be ready for our new ARG/Series to begin soon! :)

The Revølutiøn Series Youtube Channel:



  1. So many diacritic Os in that post.

  2. I found the "o"s rather distracting because my brain is weird like that


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