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Monday, November 3, 2008

HO16051414 was in #TheHomeOffice chat

Join #TheHomeOffice IRC chat or on the ning chat page

01:41 HO16051414: Our monitors have been reviewing the events in here of the past 24 hours.

01:43 HO16051414: Not any longer, no. He has been retrieved and is currently in debriefing.

01:46 HO16051414: As reflected on his public account.

01:50 HO16051414: Ultimately the account for the operation was our goal, and we've found it. Messages are sometimes overly complicated but surprisingly to our agent in the field a second path to the answer was found.

01:55 HO16051414: The keys were intended for a more private audience, but as a result of you having discovered the account to the op through other means, they have become obsolete.

01:56 HO16051414: Due to this ingenuity, the Home Office has decided to continue to utilize this method for future ops. In the coming struggle we could use a few good analysts. We're going to need them.

01:59 HO16051414: Recruit as needed. Until further notice, be way of anyone posing as a Home Office agent without the "RayRay" designation. That is our proprietary monitoring and routing bot. From here on, should you see him, he is simply observing and recording your progress.

02:05 HO16051414: Disseminate the information however you see fit, Analysts. There will be public and proprietary declarations soon to establish bona fides.

02:07 HO16051414: As everything in this business, it will take time to develop a rapport. As you take time to trust us, we must also take time to trust you.

02:08 HO16051414: The status of #12-09-14-03 will be released, soon.

02:09 HO16051414: The Home Office is not in the business of harming "valuable" assets.

02:13 HO16051414: Data which, in due time, will be released.

02:17 ApotheosisAZ: As a sign of trust, give us the title of the third segment of "Key 1"

02:18 HO16051414: You haven't yet discovered the title? I would have thought Nick Cave to be a bit more recognizable.

02:18 HO16051414: Try the Murder Ballads album, the only one anyone worth their love of Cave should be listening to.

02:19 HO16051414: There you will find the answer.

02:20 HO16051414: Also - your second Murder by Death song is incorrect. "The Big Sleep" is what it should be.

02:22 HO16051414: The titles are irrelevant.

02:23 HO16051414: Time is always a factor. And worry not about being too exact with time.

02:25 HO16051414: We have also noticed other accounts using footage from the communique. They are not of us.

02:27 HO16051414: The Home Office has, for the moment, operated in the background. But due to recent events we are growing in strength and becoming more public. Soon you will see our objectives and then you may decide for yourself whether our cause is just.

02:28 HO16051414: Liberty of the many sometimes requires the restriction of the few. Otherwise complete liberty is simply anarchy. But a discussion for another time.

02:29 HO16051414: Stay alert. In time answers will be given, and as questions arise we may have need of your services.

02:30 HO16051414: Signing off.

After the chat the dehteraew youtube account was updated:


  1. Oh, I guess we were ahead of ourselves a bit with the account.

    Linc's youtube account description has been updated.

  2. Oooo this does make me dispise not being around in the evenings. either way i like where this is heading :)

  3. Oooo this does make me dispise not being around in the evenings. either way i like where this is heading :)

  4. So the solution is this thus far and according to the home office.

    1 Knuckles - The Hold Steady
    2 King's Crossing - Elliott Smith
    3 UNKNOWN - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
    4 Silence - Portishead
    5 Big Guns - Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins
    6 With a Little Help from My Friends - The Beatles
    7 True Affection - The Blow
    8 Dark Place - Barton Carroll
    9 Sometimes The Line Walks You - Murder By Death

    key 2

    1 Crucifixion Cruise - The Hold Steady
    2 Miss Misery - Elliott Smith
    3 Cannibal's Hymn - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
    4 Roads - Portishead
    5 Melt Your Heart Lyrics - Jenny Lewis
    6 Rocky Raccoon - The Beatles
    7 Parentheses - The Blow
    8 Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still - Barton Carroll
    9 The Big Sleep - Murder By Death

  5. So the final song we are missing, is:
    The Curse of Millhaven - Nick Cave and The Bad Seed


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