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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Home Office drop found

lg15panda said..

Okay here's a recap of what happened:

- coasterdigi and I (lg15panda) are in chat, shooting the shit until
sis calls in
- Sis and BF reach the drop location (Magnolia & Vineland, NoHo, SE corner)
- Look around, can't seem to find anything
- Find a red piece of construction paper duct-taped to a telephone pole
- On the back of the paper was writing "180 degrees under the palm trees"
- Cross the intersection to the opposite corner and look on the ground
by the palm trees
- Find a CD on the ground next to a palm tree, in a baggie
- CD is labeled "12 09 14 03" (LINC)
- Checked for audio, realized must be a data CD. Found a local
Kinko's (25 cents/min ugggh) and emailed the files on the CD.
- Took lots of pictures but will need to wait to get back home
(Monday) to post them

- transcript.txt
- 12091403.txt
- HER.mp3


lg15panda said..

Some pics taken from cellphone:

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