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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Home Office posts its videos in the Community Section of The Coalition

The Home Office now has posted its videos on The Coalition site in the community vidoes section. Go check it out.

The Coalition also wants your community videos, so go post those today!


  1. The Home Office is in the LG15 extended universe. The Coalition is in the Red Territory metaverse/universe as far as I know. Just to clarify the title of this post.

  2. Um...I'm pretty sure that the whole Red Territory thingy is kinda dead. The Coalition is pretty much its own world right now. I could be wrong, so I hope people don't get their panties all in a bunch lol.

    The Home Office is featured in the Coalition Viewing Room, which means it is an independent series not related to any Coalition works as of yet (that could always change, I suppose). Camp Bloody Beach is there as well.

  3. The Home Office cannot be considered an "independent series" because it uses intellectual property from EQAL. That would put it under the derivative creative commons license and not the independent series one. Also it is clearly in the LG15 extended universe (fan fiction to LG15) which is what we were trying to clarify because the subject of the post could lead some to conclude otherwise and confuse the two Universe.

  4. whoops, sorry. I have modified the post. Yeah, the videos were just posted in the Community Videos section, their universes aren't colliding or anything.

    This community video section is open to everyone, so I encourage video makers to run over there. Its great for The Coalition to do this.

  5. MM, it is considered an independent series because it is not one of the Coalition main games or allies/adverseries. While it may be in the LG universe, because it isn't currently in the Coalition universe, it's considered an independent series. Does that make sense, or am I just making it worse? That's all I was trying to get across, that it was just a series utilizing the shiny button promised by the C's and Eqal(yet never delivered) that the people behind the Coalition decided to make happen. I'm just happy that people have decided to make use of it, but sad that only 2 series thus far have jumped in.


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