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Friday, November 14, 2008

Left Coast Ahoy - Sarah (LG15:TR)

Sometimes you go around the world for what's in your backyard. --Sarah


Artist: Colourmusic
Track: "Yes!"


  1. They left L.A. drove cross country to go to Boston. Where Sarah goes into the lady's room and finds a note that the cure is in L.A. Granted I am pissed about not being able to go, since my company would have ended up paying for most of it.

    But who the hell writes this shit?

    At least Sarah made the video worth watching.

  2. And what about the auction?

  3. the creators never cease to amaze, joe

  4. Amaze is not the word I would use, Milowent

  5. LG15 is like an abusive boyfriend without the apology and flowers that come the day after he leaves you bruised and broken.
    And you just take him back because you're scared of an uncertain life - without him.

  6. It seems from the full boston HoN footage that because sarah did not go alone she would not be allowed to the auction. Someone else helped them by leaving the notes, not the auction company.


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