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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Motel Twist! (The Inconsistence Ep. 2)

LG15 Parody, of the modern classic "Motel Tryst"

Starring the talents of:
Jenlight as Sarah
Lordgreystoke as Reed
ApotheosisAZ as FBI Goon One
Micfranxon as FBI Goon Two
and Milowent as Jonas

Edited by ApotheosisAZ and Milowent

Music: "Sex Drive" by The Embarrassment

Jonas: We're getting ready to head out to, um, Bostangeles, hopefully that info we got is legit, and not another trap.

Sarah: No, no, i'm not a lady!

Reed: Damn, my freeze ray is broken again!

Reed: When I get my freeze ray fixed, you'll be sorry sarah!

Sarah: now you listen to me, if i have to walk in one more shower with your tiny little nuts staring me in the face when you are so rich that we could hire an army and be flying around in helicopters, i will endanger you!

Reed: my friend, she liked dungeons and dragons just like me.

Sarah: she?

Reed: yeah, girls like BDSM- I mean D&D, though she was a bit hideous i must admit.

Jonas: alright, i won't bed THAT ONE.

FBI goon one: did you see sarah palin on SNL?
FBI goon two: that shit was dope!

Reed: FBI? federal bureau of ice cream?

Sarah: jonas, you bought porn at the hotel on your credit card again didn't you?

Jonas: what the hell was I supposed to watch, sarah, youtube?

Reed: .. hey, guys, i'm in, these idiots don't know its a trap. so pretend i masterfully divert your attention here.

Fbi goon one: haha
Fbi goon two: ROFLMAO, agent reed!

Reed: they made me sleep on the floor of the motel! i'm pushing for overtime for that! i didn't even get to get in bed with jonas, or even see him shirtless!

Fbi goon one: ... no shirtless jonas
Fbi goon two: FTL!

Reed: alright, back to T-A-A-G, haha!

Jonas: nice work reedy doo!

Reed: ranks ronas!

Fbi goons knock on door:
goon one: housecleaning!
goon two: would you like a USA Today?

Jonas: Dammit, i left my preparation H behind again!


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