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Sunday, November 23, 2008

MPAA ‘Castrates’ World’s Biggest FanEdit Movie Site

Fans spend huge amounts of time with sophisticated software to add, cut or alter scenes to improve the original or simply create different versions of a movie.




  1. The "authoritarians" continue to crack down on our liberties. The original intent of copyright law was to give the holder a opportunity to recover a "fair return" from their investment. It was never meant to be an absolute right of ownership as some believe you have with "real property" (the absolute right disappeared a long time ago and all you own now is a so called "deed" to your property which is in fact owned by the state.... but hey that is another story).

    How should intellectual property be handled in the age of the interwebs? Let us know...

  2. That pretty crazy stuff. Basically, fan o movies are taking the movies they love and editing them into new versions, then sharing them with friends online. The MPAA has threatened to sue them and take other actions because of this, and have basically forced them to find a new host.

    Is art really dead?

  3. Instead of seeing an opportunity to make money they decide to attack it and shut it down.

    Imagine if each studio's web site had a section where you could edit their movies and other people could watch it. And make money from all the ads.

  4. Yea Joe, i agree this could probably be turned into a win win. One day people will learn not to fear the community but to embrace us. Not to control us, but to empower us.

    We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail.

  5. yeah, then imagine what would happen if Toyota let you do the same thing...
    They give YOU the blue prints, and freely distribute the parts, and then let YOU assemble the car by yourself, as long as they make 10% of the money you sell the car for...
    Yes. Brilliant. I can TOTALLY see a win win there: The company goes into debt from giving everything away...because afterall, who wants to spend money on a REAL Toyota when they can get a homemade one for cheaper?
    So no more cars get made by Toyota cause they go out of business, and the ones that DO get made are by crappy average-joes who in return make crappy renditions of said cars, which is REAL SAFE, by the way...
    AAAND, to top it all off, we all get to be artsy and stuff, which allows us to keep our "liberties"...which as we ALL know, means we get to take the hard work and dedication of other people, put our own 10-minute spin on it and give it away FREE!
    That way, the folks who actually DID work on the movie get to see said work shredded, and then given away for free, so they don't GET to make a profit off of there own work, in order to make next month's rent.

    Isn't it GREAT that we can live in a society where folks get to trample all over the lives of hard working people in the name of "art"?

  6. Many people do customize their own cars.

    Many movies have already made a fair return on their investment. Many have not. I think the point here is that there could be an additional revenue stream if everyone put their heads together. The digital realm is a new paradigm and like it or not it is here to stay. Given that you need to leverage your assets as best you can.

    I don't think anyone is complaining about creators trying to get a fair return however when you start throwing your fans in jail you have a problem.

  7. Copyright is a state created grant of monopoly power over a body of intellectual property. The extent to which the holder gains from that right needs to be weighed against the rights of individuals.

    A company places their product in the marketplace at their own choosing yet they expect the state to throw those who play with their product into jail because the state has a monopoly on the use of coercive force in our society.

    For a long time the balance of power resided with the rights owners simply because of technology. If they desire to protect their rights perhaps they should use technology to protect it. The problem is they know full well that the moment they do that consumers will stop buying their product.

  8. What you are forgetting, anon, is that this scenario would be more like a custom car show. Everyone buys a Toyota, modifies it, and then puts it on a show room floor for their friends to see.

  9. no, no, no, in my instance, they're not putting it on a showroom floor, they're giving it away for people to drive.
    Which is essentially what this fan edit group was doing.
    There's a big difference from actually owning the product your modding, and giving said product away to others for free.

  10. i know anon is just being devil's advocate troll, but its a valid argument that copyright protections are way too long for the intended purpose -- to spur creativity and creation.


  11. No more than you're being the usual hippy-artsy-socialism troll, milo.

  12. I agree with Milo. This is not real property we are dealing with here. This is a special favor being given to creators to allow them some return on their creativity. It seems ironic when agents for those same creators turn around and try and throw people in jail for exercising their own creativity. There is a point where enough is enough.

    Anon their is a very real difference between real property and intellectual property.


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