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Friday, November 14, 2008

Nathaners POV - Nathaners

Nathaners POV
MY point of view of what happened

Nathaners POV2
MY point of view of what happened

Nathaners POV3
MY point of view of what happened

Nathaners POV4
MY point of view of what happened


  1. capnawesome, whos post at anchor cove was linked to earlier today, is the random guy who talks to sarah at 1.28 or so in Nathaner's POV 3 vid. haha.

    he just happened to run across them, after having been way delayed on his commute due to the T incident.

  2. These videos fill in a lot of the conversation with Sarah/Lexi - good sound. Thanks Nathaners.

    There seemed to be a lot of focus on Maggie and whether she can be trusted, etc.

    The side comments by Lexi about the squirrel and a "random baby" were pretty funny. And the fact that when Dixie McCoy dropped back due to asthma and the others thought he might be shady was a nice subplot.

    It was a little random / disjointed as to how the clue notes were actually found - I think Josh found it near a park bench in the 4th video?

    Kudos to the fans who showed up despite the iffy weather.

    I think a Saturday event might have been better attended. The use of imeem, twitter, video, Stickam, etc. was well done.

    It's good that there were multiple cameras with multiple points of view. That alone makes for an interesting way to view a story.


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