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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NewTeeVee.com: Top 10 Breakout Video Stars of 2008

This article posted monday at newteevee.com lists their "top 10 breakout video stars of 2008", with links to separate articles on each.

* Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch, Creators, You Suck at Photoshop
* Michael Buckley, Host, Writer and Producer, What the Buck
* Brian Conley, CEO, Small World News
* Lucas Cruikshank, Partner, FEE Entertainment and Creator, Fred
* Felicia Day, Creator, The Guild
* Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, Creators, Jake and Amir
* Xeni Jardin, Host and Executive Producer, Boing Boing TV
* Jessica Lee Rose, Actor, Sorority Forever, Hooking Up, Blood Cell
* Jay Smooth, Producer, Editor and Host, Ill Doctrine
* Gary Vaynerchuk, Creator, Wine Library TV

The blurb on Jessica Rose notes:

Admit it — you probably raised an eyebrow at us picking Jessica Rose for this list. “After all,” you’re uttering to yourself, “she was the star of the first breakout web series ever! She’s been Internet famous since 2006! She was on the cover of Wired! She’s freaking lonelygirl15! Did you guys just wake up from a coma?”

But while the young lass from New Zealand has been one of online video’s iconic faces for years, 2008 saw the actress step out of EQAL’s shadow and pursue her own projects. Not only did she continue her oldteevee success via ABC Family’s hit series Greek, but she also took on starring roles in two high-profile web series — the Big Fantastic/Warner Bros.-produced Sorority Forever and HBO’s vlogger-fest Hooking Up — as well as the upcoming 60Frames series Blood Cell. One actress being spread across multiple web series — you don’t see that too often. In a very short time span, Rose has gone from being like the typecast Angelina Jolie of the 1990s to something like the versatile Angelina Jolie of the 2000s. Except, you know, on the Internet.

Will 2009 be the year Rose breaks into the Hollywood mainstream? Maybe, maybe not. But she’s proven her ability to hold an audience and anchor a series — now, more than once.


  1. Can someone email me with some links to the producers's websites that were mentioned?

  2. While I'm happy for her. The more famous she gets the less likely there will be a Bree vs. Gemma zombie fight. I still haven't given up on that dream.


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