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Monday, November 17, 2008

No Safety In Numbers - Jonas (LG15:TR)

This is the only way. -- Jonas


Artist: Illa J
Track: "DFTF"
Courtesy of Delicious Vinyl


  1. Whatever happened to that girl Jennie?

  2. It's almost coffee time!

  3. jennie was good, i miss her, but then i miss Danielbeast too......

  4. Nice to see they didn't waste this video and have nothing happen. I know, I'm being negative. So I'll offer some suggestions.

    1. Maggie gets tired of waiting for Jonas to make the first move. she ties him to the bed and.... I leave the rest to the imagination.

    2. Everyone in a room together and Sarah says: "Anyone think it's stupid that we drove all the way to Boston only to find out the cure is back in L.A., this whole trip was pointless." If they're going to continue writing this badly they should at least let us know, they know the writing sucks.

    3. Reed confesses that he is Bree and Gina's brother. Yes it's stupid, but at least something happens.

  5. I'd go for suggestion # 3.

  6. suggestion #4. joe calms his negative nelly side and watches the damn show without the bitching. please

  7. But the bitching is what makes it so much fun.

  8. so the incredible attractiveness of marnette patterson was all too apparent in this video. i finally googled her and the rumors that she is blond as well as hot are very true.

  9. Milo, why did you have to go and break my fantasy? Why?!

    I checked out her IMDB: HOLY SHIT SHE WAS IN A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5! Don't worry people, she's not in her 40s or any thing...She was like...four at a time.


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