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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Buying It - Sarah (LG15: TR)

Maggie’s video. That was nice. Really nice.

As an afterthought.

Sure, it’s great that she’s finally getting attached to us. Seeing the Resistance as actual people rather than an idea. But it doesn’t change the fact that the way she’s behaving now is totally hypocritical.

We were sucked back into this because of her. More precisely, sucked back into it because of her lies. There is no Hymn of None. There is no back-up army. It’s just a tech-saavy chick with a Charles Bronson complex. The only thing that’s for real in all of this is that our enemies are growing.

Not us. Them.

The Order was bad enough. But Lifesblood Labs just adds all kinds of craziness to the mix. And they didn’t even know who we were until Maggie dropped them on our doorstep. She’s put us and herself in more danger than ever. And now she just wants to pretend it’s all for the best?

I call bulls**t. It’s not for the best. Jonas and I, we were totally fine to get on with our lives. And Reed, talk about the ultimate sucker getting sucked in. As pissed as I am at him right now, I can’t help but feel more sorry. He was the most sane and normal of all of us. And now, he’s EXACTLY like us: on the run, no real life, no family, maybe even no future. It’s not fair, especially to him.

No matter how many love letters Maggie writes to to us, it won’t make any difference regarding how I feel. Which is to say, pissed.

I’m getting the feeling that she’s having a more negative than positive effect on the group. Now Jonas is being all antsy about going to Boston. Probably for her sake. Not wanting to put her in jeopardy (you know how he gets whenever a pretty Trait-Positive girl puts butterflies in his tummy).

Or maybe I’m over-analyzing all of this and should just shut up. Then again, I have a problem doing that. Shutting up. I think I just need to talk to someone about it (someone other than my oh-so-buddy-buddy travel companions right now).

I’m gonna pop into chat at 2 PM (PST) today, right before we hit the road one last time for Boston. If you guys wanna join and talk things through (i.e. calm me down), I’ll be there.

The Maggie of it all is really bothering me. And I want to know that I’m not alone.


PS - I made a "We Were Just Fine Until You Showed Up" Playlist on iMeem. Mean? Maybe. Cathartic? Most definitely.

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This is driving me bonkers! -- Sarah

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  1. Shortly after Sarah made her post Jonas said this:

    "This is ridiculous, Sarah. We need to talk when you get back from wherever the hell you are."

    Sarah is picking a fight with everyone these days....

  2. That might just be a valid option at this point....

  3. I vote for a good old pillow fight.

  4. Between Sarah and Maggie?

    That could be good for youtube hits I suppose...


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