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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

O Baby You, You got What I Need ( saasqwatch )

I was finally catching up on watching all the fan POV videos, and saw this video posted as a response to Natahaners POV 4 video.

Warning, I find this a bit freaky.

Maybe the live event wasn't all that it seemed, as dixie mccoy posted about a few days ago. I wondered why the fans at the event (and sarah) kept saying stuff about being watched, it looks like they were....


  1. So I'm still watching it...

    But, WATCHER!

    Guy over by tree....

  2. That's some freaky stuff. At first I thought it was extra footage taken by the "Willow Woods"/Laptop Guy. Then I realized at around 7:00 that Laptop Guy was with us and yet there is still footage of us from a distance in a completely different direction. Also, we can tell you that we met only 3 LG15 crew people besides Sarah, and 2 of them were with us the entire time. The other one was Laptop Guy.

    The last scene (subway) is definitely not the nearby Red or Green Lines. Might be the Orange Line -- I hardly ride it because it's the slowest/most infrequent, but it has older-looking cars with the wood-paneling like that.

    Someone was definitely watching us from a distance and we had no idea. Look out!

  3. I wonder if this is their "friend" who left the note in the station or just some fan trying to play a game.

  4. kindred: yeah, i've been wondering who could have done this other than EQAL. sarah made a lot of references to people watching them in the various vids. so, whatever this is, its well done.

  5. milo pulls the lanyard! I have to agree here.

  6. Man I wish I went. This is getting interesting ... finally!


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