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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

POW! - Reed (LG15:TR)

This is not how I wanted it to go. -- Reed


Artist: Colourmusic
Track: "Yes!


  1. Poor Reed! He just wants to buy a comic book! Gotta love em :)

  2. ...Captain America's been dead since March. And I'm pretty sure Usagi Yojimbo hasn't been in a print in a while...

  3. Poor Comic book guy, they didn't even buy anything. Sarah should have kneed Reed then sprayed him with mace.

  4. Lime Penguin... while Cap is dead, the book continues (and is awesome!) And Usagi Yojimbo just celebrated it's 100th issue at it's current publisher a few months ago. It's going strong, and is 100% LG15 approved for awesomeness. :D

    Thanks for watching, gang!

  5. Well, luckily Cap's been injected with secret government hero juice. He's been dead before. No big deal.


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