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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarah says.... (live update)

theskyisempty99: (most recent at top)

back with the others, video coming soon

on the T, almost back 7 minutes ago from web
(and don't worry, im safe, heading back to Reed, Jonas, Maggie @ hotel now)

arrrgh!!! SO FRUSTRATED! You won't believe this. Will post soo

got a note from WW, told to go into the ladies room...

plus the station is fairly populated, be hard to try any funny business round these parts :)

still waiting on instruction, i've got my camera with me, so i don't feel completely alone

here at South Station

called Reed, I'm okay, still en route

South Station, here I come

Just got some sort of instruction sheet. Says to come alone. I'm doing it...

calling Jonas and Maggie now, this was really weird... we'll have video in a bit

someone from Willow Woods just showed up

damn it! they took the laptop away! half a minute ago from web

no sign of LBL, the Order, or FBI... ready for anything though...

still heading toward State House, almost there

go to lg15.com to grab a link to the imeem clue Willow Woods

Reed thinks that bizarro imeem clue points toward the state house, so that's where we're heading...

No sign of feds yet, no nothing, shady. 43 minutes ago from web
On my way to the Washington statue thingy now... Hope to see some of you there...



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