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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sarah was in LG15 chat

06:02 skyisempty hey guys!
06:02 skyisempty anyone here??
06:02 skyisempty hey mitch!
06:03 skyisempty aha, I see you Maria!
06:03 skyisempty nice chat name!
06:03 skyisempty well hello mitch, FINALLY!
06:03 skyisempty not much, so happy to have some down time for a day
06:03 skyisempty hey liv, wassup?
06:03 Liv Drinking some coffee lol
06:04 skyisempty im jealous, i need some starbucks asap
06:04 skyisempty hey bex!
06:04 skyisempty no worries mitch, i know a lot of peeps would have been there if they could
06:04 skyisempty Veela!
06:04 skyisempty whats up?
06:04 skyisempty Liv - gang seems okay
06:04 skyisempty we're just emailing right now
06:04 skyisempty meeting on thursday
06:04 skyisempty per jonas's so called 'plan'
06:05 skyisempty i think reed's okay, mitch
06:05 skyisempty he just emailed me an hour ago
06:05 skyisempty haha, so true veela
06:05 skyisempty actually, jonas might have one this time
06:05 skyisempty but we'll see
06:05 skyisempty his second email to me was... interesting
06:05 skyisempty true bex, but you cant fault the boy for trying
06:06 skyisempty liv - i probably shouldnt say anything, just cause you never know who's lurking
06:06 skyisempty
06:06 skyisempty Maria, all I can say is that Jonas might be on to something, but its a bit risky
06:06 skyisempty isnt it always though?
06:06 skyisempty DJ I know it!
06:06 skyisempty Liv is dating DJ?
06:07 skyisempty oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh :)
06:07 skyisempty shame shame know your name!
06:07 skyisempty haha
06:07 skyisempty thats great!
06:07 skyisempty hahaha
06:07 skyisempty dont worry DJ, liv's a catch and a half
06:08 skyisempty chispalight - not sure yet, will keep you posted though
06:08 skyisempty it'd be nice, but far from realistic
06:08 skyisempty you know, I think Reed actually stopped answering Estelle's texts
06:08 skyisempty as far as I know, she's outta the picture
06:08 skyisempty :)
06:08 skyisempty and me likey that
06:09 skyisempty I know veela, im kinda over being angry at him
06:09 skyisempty i think we just need to talk now
06:09 skyisempty settle things
06:09 skyisempty hey SN!
06:09 skyisempty SNL!
06:09 skyisempty great actually!
06:10 skyisempty i was telling everyone it feels like i have a day off
06:10 skyisempty ive just been eating chips and catching up on Heroes all day
06:10 skyisempty of course I watch Heroes
06:10 skyisempty I thought this season started a little rough, but the last three eps have been AWESOME
06:10 skyisempty pssshaw, Liv, Peter Petrelli FTW
06:11 skyisempty Sylar is so gonna go evil again
06:11 skyisempty and I want Elle to kick his ass
06:11 skyisempty bex, just watch the first episode of the first season and you'll be HOOKED
06:11 skyisempty agreed veela
06:12 skyisempty though this season has been getting pretty good
06:12 skyisempty Lost is A-MAZING
06:12 skyisempty Lost is without question the BEST thing on tv right now
06:12 skyisempty ... next to project runway
06:12 skyisempty though this season of runway was just okay, not as good as lost
06:13 skyisempty favorite boy on Lost?
06:13 skyisempty does it make you sad if I say that I really really really miss Charlie :(
06:13 skyisempty seriously veela
06:13 skyisempty they were the best
06:13 skyisempty I want Claire and Charlie to reunite so badly
06:14 skyisempty Sawyer is HAWT
06:14 skyisempty though Charlie is a bit more my speed
06:14 skyisempty is it too creepy if I say Ben is my favorite character?
06:14 skyisempty not favorite boy, just favorite character
06:14 skyisempty Mitch - I assure you, Maggie is not a robot, despite the vacant stare sometimes
06:14 skyisempty Liv, I totally agree, Ben is a good guy, we just don't know his reasons yet
06:15 skyisempty haha, could be Veela
06:15 skyisempty Order, Others... eerily similar in name...
06:15 skyisempty hmmm
06:15 skyisempty :)
06:15 skyisempty okay, I want your Lost theories
06:15 skyisempty ... AND GO:
06:15 skyisempty ps - desmond + penny = adorability times infinity
06:16 skyisempty Jin TOTALLY isnt dead
06:16 skyisempty but Michael is
06:16 skyisempty and that kinda sucks
06:16 skyisempty but it was nice to have him for another season
06:16 skyisempty cause - not stalling, just enjoying a convo thats not about the order or resistance for a change :)
60:17 skyisempty Veela - I dont know what to make of the Claire sit, cause when people die on the island, do they really die?
06:17 skyisempty think of Locke
06:17 skyisempty thats why Im hopeful for a Claire Charlie reunion
06:17 skyisempty snl - not a weird question, but one that i probably shouldn't give with all the lurkers about ;)
06:18 skyisempty mitch - not sure about thanksgiving
06:18 skyisempty I did not like Nikki and Paulo AT ALL.... but I did like the ep where they ate it! :)
06:18 skyisempty that was actually like a really cool modern day Twilight Zone episode
06:18 skyisempty Veela - I think they were sort of a failed experiment, to bring background characters into the front or something
06:18 skyisempty it just didnt work
06:19 skyisempty yeah, seriously
06:19 skyisempty anything that was off the mark in season three was totally redeemed by a flawless season four
06:19 skyisempty hahaha
06:20 skyisempty thanks for your opinion mitch, now HUSH!
06:20 skyisempty :)
06:20 skyisempty ... sheesh
06:20 skyisempty can we just keep things easy and go back to Lost?
06:20 skyisempty (wow, never thought I'd consider Lost easy)
06:20 skyisempty THANK YOU Veela
06:21 skyisempty now, who are your fav characters on Lost??
06:21 skyisempty iluuveme, you GOTTA check it out
06:21 skyisempty hey Rose!
06:21 skyisempty haha, its okay, I'm into Twilight too
06:21 skyisempty though I'm only on eclipse
06:21 skyisempty so nobody spoil the series ending for me!
06:22 skyisempty sorry Veela, cant win em all :)
06:22 skyisempty I'm pretty excited for the Twilight movie, but I dont know if I'll get to see it :(
06:22 skyisempty dont really get to go to the movies too much these days
06:22 skyisempty thats up to Jonas and Maggie apparently
06:22 skyisempty you guys HAVE to let me know how it is
06:23 skyisempty alright, i think its time I get back to my Heroes marathon
06:23 skyisempty one ep left!
06:23 skyisempty and then I'll be all caught up
06:24 skyisempty Mitch - YES!
06:24 skyisempty (someday)
06:24 skyisempty thanks for hanging guys!
06:24 skyisempty talk to you later :)
06:24 Server skyisempty has quit IRC ("Java user signed off")


  1. Hey look guys were cool we interact with the fans. we watch all the good shows on the tick list like lost, heroes and... hey wait project catwalk?

    Im feeling a bit empty not being around to banter on heroes and lost xD I KNOW THINGS! :P

  2. Taking a page from Maddison with the actual conversations with fans, huh? A step in the right direction I think but I would like to chat with some one besides Sarah every so often. We need to make a definitive list of things that are working and things that are failing, I think.

  3. did anyone ask sarah about that watcher's POV video i posted about yesterday?

  4. I didn't ask her about that, but I asked her about Boston and she didn't respond.

    At some point she said that she wanted to talk about stuff that wasn't "Order related" and something about how she felt like she had a day off.

    And I just went with the conversation, it was fun. It makes them feel more like real people when you can talk to them about stuff you can relate to (or TV shows you mutually watch)


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