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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Splitting Up - LG15: The Resistance Chapter 10

NOTE: since this video is not longer available we can only conclude that it was actually released early on Hulu by mistake.
Here is a sneak peek for those who missed the video:

Our journey comes full circle.


  1. Not quite sure why this was released early on Hulu. Perhaps they want to drive traffic to that site for some reason.

  2. Can't watch because I'm outside of the US. Great.

  3. I'm having that whole "to watch or not to watch" debate....


  4. and this is why I love LG15today

  5. Whoa! You weren't kidding when you said this video came out EARLY!! Maybe a finger slipped. This is obviously a 'weekend recap' video?

    *sighs* Now it seems that I know too much... well for now...

  6. We guess those who missed it will just have to wait and see.

  7. So, I was 50 seconds into it and decided, "Hey, this would be better in hi-res!" I clicked hi-res, it said it was loading forever, so I refreshed, and BAM, video gone.

    But I'm glad...now I'll watch it when it was supposed to be watched.

  8. I can't watch it since I'm outside the US. But maybe that's better, it's still a surprise to me now.

  9. I saw the video before they took it down. I promise not to say who punched whom in this video. But trust me, there is violence--and very little teen angst--in this video.

    Lots of action, plot moves along, good story, and some interesting twists. Worth the wait! (Was that vague enough?)

    Thanks LG15today for your efforts!

  10. i watched it and posted short spoiler description on anchor cove. won't say more here for those who choose to wait.

  11. I was shocked when the UFO landed and ALF came out looking for stray cats to eat.

  12. Me too Joe. And the killer robots were a big surprise.

  13. now i think we all knew that maggie was a droid already, right?

  14. My faith was beginning to wane for the past couple weeks, then I see this. Seeing this video earlier put me back on track. Seeing the rest of what made this video will most likely have me giving everything up all over again. Don't worry, I promise not to reveal anything about fisticuffs.


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