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Friday, December 12, 2008

12in12 puzzle=SOLVED

Lg15panda wrote this in our comments in response to kericanfly's video: 

"If you replace "error" with 0 and "doc" with 1, it is a binary code. If you run it through a binary translator and get rid of all the '>' and '<''s you get a list of clients and cars they've rented. I can't post it on lg15.com because I'm at work so I sent the list to [email protected]. Basically the list has 2 black SUVs: 
Refroe, J.
SUV (Black)
07:23:00 AM
04:19:00 PM
(Next Day) *

Genatiempo, S.
SUV (Black)
08:00:00 AM
06:43:00 PM
(Next Day) *"

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