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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Amanda comments on "The Show Is Yours"

Amanda Says:
December 19th, 2008 at 12:43 pm
We responded directly to Rose, but we’ll restate here - they DO NOT have to be new characters. Old characters, seen or referenced, are all fair play. Good luck and have fun!

Amanda Says:
December 19th, 2008 at 6:23 pm
LG15: TSIY is our opportunity to showcase your talent. We want to see you take the LG15 Universe in whatever direction you think best. This is not intended to be LG15: The Resistance Season 2, so feel free to create any story you want in the LG15 Universe. Whether it’s big picture - a war in The Order - or a small window into one person’s life in the Hymn of One through bedroom video blogs- a show does not have to be high concept or have a high production value to be chosen.

Specifically, to answer Rose Crowley, this your production. EQAL’s part in it is to make sure the mythology stays consistent because your show, if chosen, will be considered canon. Rose, I would recommend teaming up with others in the community to produce your idea. I saw many people on the comment board talking about a collaboration, which I think would be fantastic. We are looking for a minimum of 2 videos per week with a total of 16 minimum videos for the entire season. So if 4 of you get together, it would only be 4 videos person for the season.

Redidk - Unfortunately, EQAL cannot grant you any special access to the actors. If you bump into Jessica Rose at the mall and she has some spare time then go ahead and include her.

Source: insideLG15


  1. Does Amanda know which mall Jessica Rose shops at?

  2. :):):) i think it is the one on 436th Street

  3. Does locking the actors up in your basement also count?

  4. Only if you feed them.

  5. What if we pretend Bree had lots of surgery?

  6. LOL! It was a honest question, and really referred more to actors they presumably had under contract (eg. Yousef) than to actors they presumably did not (eg. Jessica).

    Thanks for the response, Amanda! :)

  7. amanda's comment proves what i've always argued -- bree is NOT dead. i mean, if it was stone-cold canon that bree was dead, amanda would not have made that joke.

    bree is ALIVE!

  8. "bree is ALIVE!"

    ..and she shops at the mall as I always suspected!


    "Does locking the actors up in your basement also count?"

    "Only if you feed them."

    ... beat them with a pipe.


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