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Friday, December 5, 2008

Fearsome Foursome

Now that our fearsome foursome is back together, will they be able to put aside their bickering, jealousy, and sexual tension long enough to bring down Lifesblood Labs?

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  1. They'll try to stop LBL. They'll screw it up. Someone will die or get caught. Jonas will bitch an moan and say he's never doing this again. Sarah will question every decision anyone makes. Then when she has them so confused they don't know what to do, she'll complain that no one is doing anything and then go do something. Reed will hold the camera, because he's not good at anything else. Maggie will just stand there holding out her chest trying to compete with Sarah. The end.

  2. I wish they'd change Marnette/Maggie's hair (wig?). That is all.


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