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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Finale in One Word

"What are your expectations for the finale? Can they be summed up into one word? Use the following pictures to create your own finale graphic and use one word to describe this season, the plot, the characters, and/or the twist you predict will occur."

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  1. my hopes are on


  2. Underwhelmed, probably? If I watch, I guess.

  3. Disappointment. That's what I think it's gonna be. I really hope it's gonna be good, ofcourse I want it to be exciting and great. But I just think it's gonna be disappointing, because this whole season was not what I expected. But I still have hope that it will become better.

  4. I can't wait to see what crappy *hook* they'll try and sell us to keep watching another season...

    Take your best bet:
    *New Trait Positive Girl
    *Character that ISN'T a show staple being killed off, and yet strangely makes little to no difference.
    *LBL leading to yet ANOTHER front to the never-ending fronts to the Order.
    *Heavily anti-climactic showdown
    *Sarah/Maggie shower scene


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