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Friday, December 5, 2008

Katherine Pawlak (Emma) Rocks VH1

watch out, i have superpowers!

VH1 Rock Band 2

Discovered by Ziola


  1. KISS called. They say you're doing it wrong.

  2. Hahaha, I never thought I'd see her do a reality stint. Funny.

    Good find Ziola, how did you find it?

  3. And it's only available for people in the us. Oh, I love discrimination.

  4. sorry bianca :-( if you click on the "Ziola" link in the post, it will lead you to the anchor cove thread where i posted more screencaps.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the screencaps on Anchor Cove Milo! Now I can see a bit what the video was about.

  6. There really player kind of stinks.

    I clicked on episode 3 (I was going to watch the Katherine episodes) and it took me to episode 1. When it finally let me click on episode 3 again, it took me to episode 6.

    Yeah, sucks.

  7. You may watch at Youtube.



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