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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lexi on MySpace Music!

"Lexie Dreyfus is all about making a statement. Born in Los Angeles and leading the life of an Army brat without either one of her parents ever being in the service has led her to embrace the one thing she could take anywhere: her music. One might say that music is in her blood. As a descendant of Hollywood greats and vaudeville stars, she began singing at the age of four. Her training led her to the prestigious Southern California Children’s Choir, and it was there that she had the opportunity to audition for her first Opera at the Orange County Performing Arts Theatre. She was cast and became a soloist, which led to many years of shows, operas and opportunities. It is her uncanny ability to connect with an audience that makes her so special This has been proven by her starring role on the hit series Lonelygirl15, and on the continuing series The Resistance, which has already garnered her the respect and attention of hundreds of thousands of fans who tune in to watch her. At the age of eighteen she decided that she wanted more than to perform someone else’s material: she wanted to enlighten the world with her thoughts and ideas. Armed with a guitar and her wealth of life experience, something special began. Years of hard work and soul searching helped her create a style that is brave and satisfying. Her eclectic range of inspirations span from Alanis Morissette to Jewel, from Tina Dico to Ani Di’franco. The result is a radio-friendly acoustic pop sound, both inspirational and relevant; music that the general public can relate to. She possess a charm, wit, and a sheer emotional outpour of honesty that shines through in every melody she sings: it seems that the more you listen to her voice, the more her music lures you…you feel she understands you. She wants to say something with her voice. In a generation where anyone can be a pretty face with the right makeup and sing well with the right sound engineer, Alexandra’s message to her listeners is that it’s ok to be yourself, even if you don’t know who that is. Her goal is to take a stand and show young women and men that they are wonderful smart amazing people whose feelings matter, and that as long as you believe in yourself no one can stop you. Alexandra is a fresh new face in a sea of redundancy, and her voice is prepared to make a statement. Listen and see what you can discover."

Songs Available for listening include "Fade Away", "Dear God", "One Year", "Porcelain", "What you Expect", and "Fighting for"

Lexi on MySpace Music
Lexi on LGPedia
Lexi on IMDb
Lexi on Wikipedia


  1. Lexi has some pipes, no doubt about that.

  2. Home come the creators never used any of her music in their video?

    She could have sang while using Jonas as a pinata.

  3. Cause Lexi prolly doesn't want them to butcher her MUSIC along with her acting talent.

  4. because yeah they totally BUTCHERED her acting talent. uh no, they did not.

  5. Lexie's hot .... not sure how I ended up watching the Paris Hilton show but Lexie's the best thing about it.


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