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Monday, December 15, 2008

LG15: The Show is Yours

From insideLG15:

"Hey Everyone,

Thanks so much for watching LG15: The Resistance, we’re thrilled that you enjoyed the show! We’ve talked a long time about increasing the prominence of community shows on LG15.com. We’ve read your comments, watched your videos, and asked ourselves the question, “What would you do?” What characters would you develop? What story would you tell? With this in mind, we’re excited to announce a new chapter in the ongoing LG15 Universe: The Show Is Yours. Now it’s your chance to have YOUR LG15 show featured on LG15.com! We know there are a lot of features you’d like to see on the site, including PMs, seeing unread threads, editing posts, quoting, and formatting and we’re going to roll out a variety of fixes and new features to the website in conjunction with the launch of the featured community show. Check here for more information soon. Thanks… and good luck with your submissions!

The LG15 Team

Update: We’ve been reading your comments and we’re psyched you liked LG15: The Resistance. Right now we’re focused on building out the community features on LG15.com so that it’s easier for you guys to tell your stories. We’re excited about a Season Two of LG15: TR and are working towards making that a reality. In the meantime, enjoy our attempt at putting control in your hands with LG15: The Show is Yours. All of the details for this next installment of the LG15 Universe will be posted here on InsideLG15 in the coming days.

Thanks! We’re so excited to see what you come up with. ?



  1. Anyone one else worried about the wording of that post. Season 2 sounds iffy. DAM YOU 436!!!!! We have Evil Hot Sarah, you can't take it away from us now.

  2. I would make one suggestion. Get ValleyGirl15 to give a weekly summary of the community shows. She's awesome.

  3. Sounds like they're gonna steal people's ideas again..

  4. it you don't read this post and think "its all over", you are far more optimistic than me.

    "the show is yours" thing sounds just like what Quarterlife did after it ended.

  5. I like that community shows will get a spotlight. Maybe they can use this apparent hiatus to fix the forums

  6. Ha Milo, we had the exact same thought about the Quarterlife comparison. I really hope that is not what is going on here, much as it is certainly time for the community videos to get some more exposure.

    One think Miles does say is that Eqal does want to build social networking sites that feature other peoples content. I guess they figure that their social network and "programming skills" are a valuable asset to other studio productions and that is the core of their business model rather than the LG15 story itself.

  7. This makes me nervous, but I have more faith in this story that I do Quarterlife.

    Quarterlife never really got anywhere...it was a little pretentious at times for my tastes too. They were all just bemoaning about their lives constantly.

    I do think part of this probably has to do with taking a step back and working on the website. Obviously everyone is aware that it needs a lot of work.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Sounds like they're gonna steal people's ideas again..

    what exactly does that mean?
    they never STOLE anything

  9. veela wrote: "I do think part of this probably has to do with taking a step back and working on the website."

    they've done nothing on the website for almost 3 months. that's a dodge.

    quarterlife did make it to primetime network television, albeit for just one episode.

  10. I know, but Quarterlife never cared about the web. It never wanted to be a web show, it was just waiting to get on TV. I just don't have as much respect for that. Even if quarterlife made TV, I don't think it's done as much for web entertainment as LG15.

    I know, the website has been pretty bad for awhile & its effecting viewership. I just think it makes sense to hiatus and fix that rather than try to fix it as they go because clearly that didn't work.

    I'm not saying that this announcement isn't purposely ambiguous and that this isn't potentially bad news. But at the same time, there are other things to work on & other things going on.

    I'm having trouble finding my words tonight, I'm never up this late. Hopefully that last paragraph made sense.

  11. right.
    because nothing has happened yet. you cant judge how something is before its even OUT in the open

    the reason nothing has been done to the site in over three months.. hello ? the show has been running that time they cant just LOCK down everything to fix what they need when people are still using the site.

  12. Go someone nutshell for me what Quarterlife's approach to this was? Thanks!

  13. Personally, I'm excited about the opportunity to see a community show featured on the site and expand viewership! I'm eager to see all the different shows that are submitted and to have a whole season of a community show featured! I think that will be really cool...

  14. michiev: "the reason nothing has been done to the site in over three months.. hello ? the show has been running that time they cant just LOCK down everything to fix what they need when people are still using the site."

    that's a nice hypothesis, but from talking to web designer types, i don't think that's true AT ALL. months went by with peoples' pleas regarding bugs and functionality going unanswered - not, e.g., "we need to wait because we have to lock down the site to get PMs functional," but unanswered. its no secret that the poor functionality of the new website was detrimental to the show.

    when i said "its bad news", i meant that the prospects for a Season Two of The Resistance ever appearing seem poor. NOT that featuring community content is bad news.

    AnthonyDe: what quarterlife did was to announce that its "season two" was going to be fan generated, and they then started sending out regular updates pointing people to the best fan work, calling it "user generated quarterlife" or something like that. not sure what's happened recently with that site.

  15. michiev: I admire you for constantly coming to bat for the C's but unfortunately, this particular argument of yours is unsound. The web designers and show runners SHOULD be totally different departments and not dependent upon each other for productivity. Whether that is actually true or not is a totally different story.

    veela: I agree with your sentiment that Quarterlife's focus was manuevering to get on TV but I actually don't see how this situation is much different. Because I'd wager that the real reason everything is on hold with TR is because of the CBS deal (and am a little surprised no one has brought it up yet). Not that that isn't within reason...in fact, the fate of LG MAY depend upon it.

  16. Let's just enjoy the community offerings and see what happens. No use debating it, what will happen will happen.

  17. A logical Anonymous? Is it opposite day? :)

    That's actually a wonderful idea in theory...but this community loves to debate, so it might be a tall order. See, I'm already debating your good idea! :)

  18. I actually agree that the CBS deal might have something to do with it Jenni. But I don't think that means death for LG15 necessarily like a lot of people do. I just think the Cs might have a little too much on their plate at the moment.

    I still think its different that quarterlife because they aren't just posing as a webshow while waiting for TV, but rather focused on bringing content to the web. Its rather the backwards of Quarterlife in a weird way.

    As we found out, they are going to start launching CBS online content pretty soon. If they are still working on the Italian deal (which presumably they are, at least according to Amanda on Halloween). That's just a lot thats going on.

    Someone (maybe I will) should post the updated information about this on the blog because this community show actually sounds more in-depth than I originally expected. It doesn't sound like they will just be featuring random community videos, but working with the community (but it will be mainly on whoever is selected) to create a show within the LG15 universe.

    I've hoped that they would find a way to have the community involved in a more meaningful way, and it looks like they are attempting that. Whatever the whole story behind the hiatus, they are doing a good thing during the break by working with the community. I think this will be an interesting experiment and I'm excited to watch the outcome unfold.

  19. i agree with Logical Anonymous too, but will debate another issue.

    Quarterlife cared deeply about the web -- they built a community-myspace-type website a lot better than lg15.com for their show. to the extent they left themselves open to TV deals, they are not much different than the Creators, who originally imagined (albeit vaguely) lg15 becoming a movie if their hoax was successful.

  20. I think The Show is Yours in bringing in a community member onto LG15 TR season 2

  21. I wonder how Amanda being pregnant plays into all of this since she has been running TR. Perhaps we will not see a new TR until after Amanda has the baby. Food for thought.

  22. MM I also imagine that has a role. Maybe this is the Eqal version of maternity leave.

    I just think there are a lot of contributing factors.

  23. "Perhaps we will not see a new TR until after Amanda has the baby. Food for thought."

    based on the scheduling we are seeing, i don't see any new lg15:the resistance debuting before may 2009.

  24. There is one thing nobody seems to have mentioned so far. Something I, personally, think is hilarious:

    If Chosen: [...] An EQAL producer may consult with you [...] and review scripts [...] to ensure that your story is consistent with the LG15 Universe [...].

    In other words: Your videos are going to be checked for plot holes. By EQAL.

    Am I the only one seeing a problem with that?
    I have to say, though - in theory, this whole idea sounds awesome. Question will be if they can pull it off. 'cause if the experience is mediocre, the general viewers are solely going to focus on the production value of the videos, no matter the fact that these would be fan videos. And I doubt the fan videos will be on par with EQAL's professional workers and equipment.
    Ultimately, EQAL's stuff would look great by comparison. (I will leave it to you to ponder the timing of this announcement in light of recent discussions about production value vs. plot holes, their behavior towards the community, and so on...)

    What I do think will be interesting to see is how the ARG-ish elements are going to be done. If the winner doesn't care for those, it'll be a wasted chance. But if the winner does, we might actually get to see some interesting stuff, for a change.
    Like puzzles that take more than 3 minutes to solve.


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