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Monday, December 22, 2008

LG15's First Video Post!

O-M-G it's Virgil & Lucy. Looks like they're scoping out someone's nice Christmas party.


Joe and I discuss the holidays, his thoughts on resurrecting Virgil, and creating a pilot for LG15: The Show is Yours. If you have any questions for LG15 and/or Joe, email us at [email protected]. Oh, and sorry for the audio problem. My bad. :)



  1. Using Virgil in your Pilot?
    That. Would be awesome.

    & Amanda's inner Twilight fangirl came out. "Edward. Not Ed. EDWARD."
    Is Edward Cullen a Trait+ Male?

  2. I think that's extremely cool of Joe and Amanda to volunteer their services!

  3. I say Virgil is still alive but finds himself alienated as a former watcher. Small town, local serrif, yadda yadda.... Basically First Blood but instead of Rambo, Virgil.

  4. Virgil and Chuck Norris are MISSING IN ACTION 15!!!

  5. Maybe they take Jonas's sperm and Maggie's eggs. Fertilize it, and put it in Lucy. Because they still need to experiment on Maggie or just take her blood and can't do it if she's pregnant without harming the baby which they need. Lucy double crosses the HoO/Order by running away so she could keep the baby for herself and become an elder. Edward (Virgil’s brother) goes after Lucy because he blames her for his brother’s death. Lucy goes to Jonas and Maggie (after escaping with the help of Daniel and Reed) for protection. They have no choice but to protect Lucy because she's carrying their baby. Lucy can't go to the HoO/Order for protection because she already double crossed them by running away and keeping the baby for herself. So they would just kill her after she has the baby.

    The story would be Jonas and Maggie protecting Lucy from Edward and HoO/Order. They send Sarah to get Lucy.

    Lucy starts to grow a heart and becomes attached to the baby inside her. Does she plan on keeping it or giving it to Jonas and Maggie? Will she use the baby’s trait positive blood to become and elder? Is she pretending to care about the baby just as a trick to keep Jonas and Maggie on her side or does she actually cares about it?

    Hot Evil Sarah does hot evil things as she stops at nothing to get Lucy (her mentor) back into the clutches of the Order/HoO.

    It’s a three way fight between Sarah, Edward and Jonas & Maggie for Lucy and the baby. Some want her alive, some want her dead and some don’t care either way.

    You also have a back story of how Jonas and Maggie escape. But not dragging it out like Maggie’s escape.

    This is assuming you could get all the actors to come back and do the show for free, since I didn’t read anything about a budget.


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